Aegisalt Tech Upgrade

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Aegisalt Tech Upgrade
tech Upgrade

Unlocks the ability to work with Ferozium, an alloy made of Aegisalt and coal.

Value 0
Removed: No Longer Available

Aegisalt Tech Upgrade was removed from the game, and is no longer obtainable through normal gameplay

The Aegisalt Tech Upgrade is a tech upgrade item that allows the player to craft Tier 6 items of Ferozium.

Crafting the Aegisalt Tech Upgrade requires a Robotic Crafting Table and 40 Refined Aegisalt.


The Aegisalt Tech Upgrade is not consumed upon use, making it possible to share between players.

Racial descriptions


File Details

itemName techupgrade33
File Name techupgrade33.unlock
File Path assets/items/generic/unlock
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