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Inventory Armor.png

Armor is an item type in Starbound. Armor's main function is to provide protection and passive bonuses to multiple stats, such as defense and energy, to the player. Defense is the primary stat for melee armor while energy favors ranged staff-based combat pieces. Ranged weapon armor is built with a balance of Max health boost, defense and energy increase. There are four slots for armor available: Head, chest, legs and back.

  • Head: Can provide extra health, defense and energy increase.
  • Chest: Can provide extra health, defense and energy increase.
  • Pants: Can provide extra health, defense and energy increase.
  • Back: Can provide a passive ability or be simply aesthetic.

Armor is equipped by dragging it from storage in the Inventory screen to the appropriate armor slot. A separate Vanity option is available for each slot that lets the player receive the stat bonuses from one armor and visually wear another. Armor equipped in vanity slots will be visible, but the player will not gain its stats or special effects.

The known sources of armor are crafting, trading and looting. Armor is not procedurally generated.


Main article: Clothing

Clothing is a weak type of armor and the starting armor for new characters. Each piece of clothing can also be crafted at a Yarn Spinner for 20 Fabric each.

Vanity armor

Chef Set.png Cowboy Set.png
Fairy Set.png
Main article: Vanity Armor

There are a number of armor pieces which provide little to no stat bonuses and are designed mainly for cosmetic use.

Vanity armor also includes costume hats, capes, and groupings of similarly named items in vanity sets.

Ore armor sets

Ore armor sets were re purposed as vanity armor in Beta v. Upbeat Giraffe.

Most ores have a unique armor set colored after the ore coloring. These Ore armor sets have accompanying weapons as well. Four ores - copper, silver, gold and platinum are used to create the first four tiers of armor sets that are not specific to a race, but are ingredients in creating the racial armors for that tier.

Copper Armor Silver Armor Gold Armor Platinum Armor
Copper Set.png
Silver Armor Set.png
Gold Armor.png
Platinum Set.png

Racial armor

Each race has a three-piece set, made out of headgear, chestpiece, and pants, for each of the 6 tiers, or 10 armor sets. Based on the player's race, they will initially unlock race-specific armor patterns. One day, these racial armors will have passive bonuses that will provide an extra ability when the set is equipped.[1] Racial bonuses have not yet been implemented, and may change.
  • Apex: Increases run speed and jumping height.
  • Avian: Allows the player to glide.
  • Floran: Sunlight is converted into Energy.
  • Glitch: Increases mining speed.
  • Human: Extra Inventory space.
  • Hylotl: Allows the player to breathe underwater and swim faster.
  • Novakid: Generates light around the player.

Players can eventually obtain armors of races other than their own to receive the associated bonuses.

Wanderer Set.png Adventurer Set.png Universalist Set.png

Early Tiered Armor

Early tiered armor is made using an Iron Anvil, followed by a Metalwork Station and Replicator. Each tier provides incrementally better stats.

Iron Anvil.png
Metalwork Station.gif
Set NameRacePower Icon.pngArmor Icon.pngEnergy Icon.pngHealth Icon.pngHelmChestLegsTier
Defector's SetApex1104010Defector's MaskDefector's ChestguardDefector's PantsTier01
Hatchling's SetAvian1104010Hatchling's CircletHatchling's BreastplateHatchling's LoinclothTier01
Sprout's SetFloran1104010Sprout's CircletSprout's ChestguardSprout's AnkletsTier01
Knave's SetGlitch1104010Knave's HelmKnave's BreastplateKnave's PantsTier01
Scouter's SetHuman1104010Scouter's VisorScouter's ChestguardScouter's GreavesTier01
Puddle SetHylotl1104010Puddle HatPuddle ChestguardPuddle PantsTier01
Deputy's SetNovakid1104010Deputy's HatDeputy's VestDeputy's SlacksTier01
Rebel's SetApex1.5258020Rebel's HoodRebel's ChestguardRebel's PantsTier02
Sparrow SetAvian1.5258020Sparrow HelmSparrow BreastplateSparrow LoinclothTier02
Bonesmith's SetFloran1.5258020Bonesmith's SkullhatBonesmith's ChestguardBonesmith's LoinclothTier02
Soldier's SetGlitch1.5258020Soldier's HelmSoldier's BreastplateSoldier's PantsTier02
Scavenger's SetHuman1.5258020Scavenger's HelmetScavenger's BreastplateScavenger's PantsTier02
Pond SetHylotl1.5258020Pond HelmPond BreastplatePond GreavesTier02
Bandit SetNovakid1.5258020Bandit HatBandit VestBandit SlacksTier02
Insurgent's SetApex24412030Insurgent's MaskInsurgent's JacketInsurgent's PantsTier03
Quail SetAvian24412030Quail CrestQuail BreastplateQuail GreavesTier03
Nomad's SetFloran24412030Nomad's CrownNomad's ChestguardNomad's PantsTier03
Knight's SetGlitch24412030Knight's HelmKnight's BreastplateKnight's GreavesTier03
Pioneer's SetHuman24412030Pioneer's HelmPioneer's ChestguardPioneer's PantsTier03
River SetHylotl24412030River HelmRiver BreastplateRiver LeggingsTier03
Outlaw SetNovakid24412030Outlaw HatOutlaw ChestOutlaw PantsTier03
Revolutionary's SetApex2.56016040Revolutionary's BandanaRevolutionary's JacketRevolutionary's PantsTier04
Owl SetAvian2.56016040Owl HelmOwl BreastplateOwl SkirtTier04
Hunter's SetFloran2.56016040Hunter's HoodHunter's ChestguardHunter's PantsTier04
Dark Knight's SetGlitch2.56016040Dark Knight's HelmDark Knight's BreastplateDark Knight's GreavesTier04
Outrider's SetHuman2.56016040Outrider's HelmOutrider's ChestguardOutrider's PantsTier04
Lake SetHylotl2.56016040Lake HelmLake BreastplateLake GreavesTier04
Sheriff's SetNovakid2.56016040Sheriff's HatSheriff's VestSheriff's SlacksTier04
Accelerator's Table.gif

Accelerator Armor

The Accelerator's Table is used to craft ranged combat armor which is balanced for defense and energy generation. It's specialized for use in combination with gun-type weapons. The materials required for these sets is Refined Aegisalt and Ferozium Compound.

Crafting each piece of tier 5 armor unlocks the crafting schematic for the corresponding racial tier 6 armor.

Set NameRacePower Icon.pngArmor Icon.pngEnergy Icon.pngHealth Icon.pngHelmChestLegsTier
Rogue's SetApex37020050Rogue's HoodRogue's ChestguardRogue's PantsTier05
Peacock SetAvian37020050Peacock HeaddressPeacock ShirtPeacock SkirtTier05
Wiseman's SetFloran37020050Wiseman's Thinking HatWiseman's ChestguardWiseman's LoinclothTier05
Crusader's SetGlitch37020050Crusader's HelmCrusader's BreastplateCrusader's GreavesTier05
Vanguard's SetHuman37020050Vanguard's HelmVanguard's Flak JacketVanguard's PantsTier05
Sea SetHylotl37020050Sea HatSea ChestguardSea LeggingsTier05
Bandito's SetNovakid37020050Bandito's SombreroBandito's PonchoBandito's PantsTier05
Infiltrator's SetApex3.57724060Infiltrator's HelmInfiltrator's BreastplateInfiltrator's GreavesTier06
Macaw SetAvian3.57724060Macaw HeaddressMacaw ShirtMacaw LeggingsTier06
Sentinel's SetFloran3.57724060Sentinel's HelmSentinel's BreastplateSentinel's ShortsTier06
Legionnaire's SetGlitch3.57724060Legionnaire's HelmLegionnaire's BreastplateLegionnaire's GreavesTier06
Seeker's SetHuman3.57724060Seeker's HelmetSeeker's ChestguardSeeker's PantsTier06
Euphotic SetHylotl3.57724060Euphotic HelmEuphotic JacketEuphotic PantsTier06
Gambler's SetNovakid3.57724060Gambler's HatGambler's VestGambler's PantsTier06
Manipulator's Table.gif

Manipulator Armor

The Manipulator's Table is used to craft staff combat armor which has reduced defense to offset its high energy. It's specialized for use in combination with staffs. The materials required for these sets is Refined Rubium and Cerulium Compound.

Crafting each piece of tier 5 armor unlocks the crafting schematic for the corresponding racial tier 6 armor.

Set NameRacePower Icon.pngArmor Icon.pngEnergy Icon.pngHealth Icon.pngHelmChestLegsTier
Spy's SetApex46020030Spy's HoodSpy's JacketSpy's PantsTier05
Flamingo SetAvian46020030Flamingo HeaddressFlamingo ChainmailFlamingo SkirtTier05
Cannibal's SetFloran46020030Cannibal's MaskCannibal's ChestguardCannibal's PantsTier05
Lancer's SetGlitch46020030Lancer's HelmLancer's BreastplateLancer's GreavesTier05
Trailblazer's SetHuman46020030Trailblazer's HelmTrailblazer's BreastplateTrailblazer's GreavesTier05
Reef SetHylotl46020030Reef HelmReef JacketReef PantsTier05
Bonesaw's SetNovakid46020030Bonesaw's HatBonesaw's ChestBonesaw's SlacksTier05
Usurper's SetApex4.757024040Usurper's HoodUsurper's CoatUsurper's PantsTier06
Raven's SetAvian4.757024040Raven's BeakRaven's BreastRaven's ClawsTier06
Shaman's SetFloran4.757024040Shaman's MaskShaman's ChestguardShaman's SkirtTier06
Templar's SetGlitch4.757024040Templar's HelmTemplar's BreastplateTemplar's GreavesTier06
Wanderer's SetHuman4.757024040Wanderer's HelmetWanderer's ChestguardWanderer's PantsTier06
Aphotic SetHylotl4.757024040Aphotic FinAphotic ChestguardAphotic PantsTier06
Clockwork SetNovakid4.757024040Clockwork HatClockwork ChestClockwork PantsTier06
Separator's Table.gif

Separator Armor

The Separator's Table is used to craft melee combat based gear which has increased defense to offset it's low energy. It's specialized for use in combination with melee weapons. The materials required for these sets is Refined Violium and Impervium Compound.

Crafting each piece of tier 5 armor unlocks the crafting schematic for the corresponding racial tier 6 armor.

Set NameRacePower Icon.pngArmor Icon.pngEnergy Icon.pngHealth Icon.pngHelmChestLegsTier
Assassin's SetApex2.257412070Assassin's MaskAssassin's ChestguardAssassin's PantsTier05
Phoenix SetAvian2.257412070Phoenix HelmPhoenix BreastplatePhoenix GreavesTier05
Gatherer's SetFloran2.257412070Gatherer's HelmGatherer's ChestpieceGatherer's SkirtTier05
Paladin's SetGlitch2.257412070Paladin's HelmPaladin's BreastplatePaladin's GreavesTier05
Adventurer's SetHuman2.257412070Adventurer's HelmAdventurer's ChestguardAdventurer's PantsTier05
Ocean SetHylotl2.257412070Ocean HelmOcean ChestguardOcean GreavesTier05
Varmint's SetNovakid2.257412070Varmint's HatVarmint's PlateVarmint's PantsTier05
Frontliner's SetApex2.758016080Frontliner's HelmFrontliner's BreastplateFrontliner's GreavesTier06
Toucan SetAvian2.758016080Toucan HelmToucan BreastplateToucan LoinclothTier06
Synthesizer's SetFloran2.758016080Synthesizer's HelmSynthesizer's ChestguardSynthesizer's PantsTier06
Doom Lord's SetGlitch2.758016080Doom Lord's HelmDoom Lord's BreastplateDoom Lord's GreavesTier06
Universalist's SetHuman2.758016080Universalist's HelmUniversalist's TechjacketUniversalist's TechpantsTier06
Disphotic SetHylotl2.758016080Disphotic HelmDisphotic BreastplateDisphotic GreavesTier06
Wrangler's SetNovakid2.758016080Wrangler's HatWrangler's PlateWrangler's PantsTier06