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Bones is a surface mini-biome found on Arid and Volcanic planets. The underground version is called Bone Caves. This biome is characterized by decorative bones and skulls in the background, which have no purpose currently, and the ground is composed of a layer of Bone Blocks.

Pockets of Bones biome can be created via use of a Skeletal Microformer.

Biome Specific Objects

Primary Materials

Unique Drops

Wild Crops


Unique Monsters
Apex Scab.gif
Apex Scab
Avian Scab.gif
Avian Scab
Floran Scab.gif
Floran Scab
Glitch Scab.gif
Glitch Scab
Human Scab.gif
Human Scab
Hylotl Scab.gif
Hylotl Scab*
Penguin Scab.gif
Penguin Scab

(*Hylotl Scab may not be implemented)



Object Category Price Description Tags
Bone Block Icon.png Bone Block Block 0 A collection of bones tightly packed together.
Bone Chest Icon.png Bone Chest Storage 55 A chest made of bone. Hopefully it's not filled with marrow.
Bone Pile Icon.png Bone Pile Breakable 80 A pile of bones, prime for smashing.
Bone Pile (ribcage) Icon.png Bone Pile (ribcage) Breakable 80 A fully intact ribcage. Not for long.
Bone Pile (ribs) Icon.png Bone Pile (ribs) Breakable 80 Part of a ribcage. It won't be intact for long.
Bone Pile (tall) Icon.png Bone Pile (tall) Breakable 80 A pile of bones, prime for smashing.
Bones on a Pike Icon.png Bones on a Pike Decorative 60 Some bones on a pike. How morbid.
Large Sharp Sticks Icon.png Large Sharp Sticks Trap 90 Sharp, spiky sticks. Don't fall on them.
Large Wooden Cage Icon.png Large Wooden Cage Decorative 120 A large cage for designed to hold Floran prisoners.
Ornate Wood Icon.png Ornate Wood Block 0 Expertly treated ornate wood.
Penguin Bones Pike Icon.png Penguin Bones Pike Decorative 50 Penguin bones on a pike arranged decoratively.
Portcullis Icon.png Portcullis Door 95 This heavy iron portcullis opens upwards.
Pressurised Girder Icon.png Pressurised Girder Block 0 A girder designed to accommodate pressurisation changes.
Sawblade Trap Icon.png Sawblade Trap Trap 90 Wow, this looks sharp!
Skull on a Pike Icon.png Skull on a Pike Decorative 50 A skull on a pike. A Floran favourite.
Small Sharp Sticks Icon.png Small Sharp Sticks Trap 80 Sharp, spiky sticks. Don't fall on them.
Tungsten Chain Icon.png Tungsten Chain Block 0 Tungsten chains, and not the fun kind.
Unrefined Wood Icon.png Unrefined Wood Block 0 Rough and unrefined, this wood looks freshly chopped.
Wicker Support Block Icon.png Wicker Support Block Block 0 A tightly woven wicker material.
Wooden Chest Icon.png Wooden Chest Storage 70 A basic wooden chest.