Energy Dash

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Energy Dash
Energy Dash.png

Double tap Left or Right to use this Energy Dash tech. Cost: 35 energy.

Value 0

Energy Dash is a tech that allows the player to quickly dash forward. It's activated by double tapping in the direction the player wants to dash towards. While activated characters are trailed by a white and blue blur. 35 Energy is consumed per dash. Energy Dash is particularly useful for melee focused characters, having both defense and offensive advantages for traveling in and out of melee range.

Dashing in midair resets your momentum, so it can be used to negate fall damage. If you jump high before you use Energy Dash, it will allow you to explore and travel the planet much quicker.

Energy dash has a .8 second cooldown.

Dash Tech Animation.gif


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem dashTech
File Name dash.techitem
File Path assets/tech/dash
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