Giant Flower Mini Biome

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Giant Flower Biome Banner.png

This is a planetary Mini-Biome type characterized by its large tree sized flowers and smaller large flowers. It can be found on Jungle Planets. The flowers in this biome only drop Giant Flower Petals.

Giant Flower Chests can spawn in this biome, which in turn can contain Giant Flower blueprints.

Biome Specific Objects

Primary Materials

Unique Drops


Wild Crops

Crops can be harvested by interacting with them or by digging them up. They'll drop produce and have a chance to drop a seed which can be replanted.


Unique Monsters

Associated Tenants

Naturalist Tenant.png

Giantflower is an object tag associated with objects and furniture that are associated with Giant Flower mini-biomes. These objects are used for spawning Naturalist Merchant tenants.

Expand to see a full list of tagged objects.

Object Category Price Description Tags
Bone Coffin Bed Icon.png Bone Coffin Bed furniture 100 A coffin bed. The hottest in undead comfort. boneevil
Bone Chair Icon.png Bone Chair furniture 65 A bone throne. For all your royal bone needs. bone
Bone Chest Icon.png Bone Chest storage 55 A chest made of bone. Hopefully it's not filled with marrow. bonestorage
Bone Door Icon.png Bone Door door 75 A door made of bone. Where does it lead? Hell? Or the bathroom? boneevildoor
Bone Spike Icon.png Bone Spike trap 50 Don't wanna fall on one of these... boneevil
Bone Table Icon.png Bone Table furniture 85 A creepy bone table. Looks more like a sacrificial altar. Good for picnics. boneevil
Bones on a Pike Icon.png Bones on a Pike decorative 60 Some bones on a pike. How morbid. floranfloranhuntinggroundsevilbone
Skull on a Pike Icon.png Skull on a Pike decorative 50 A skull on a pike. A Floran favourite. floranfloranhuntinggroundsevilbone
Penguin Bones Pike Icon.png Penguin Bones Pike decorative 50 Penguin bones on a pike arranged decoratively. floranfloranhuntinggroundsevilbone
Ixoling Pike Icon.png Ixoling Pike decorative 300 A small insectile creature impaled on a hunting pike. floranfloranhuntinggroundsevilbone
Skull Torch Stand Icon.png Skull Torch Stand light 85 Deep shadows stretch away from this menacing torch. floranfloranhuntinggroundslightevilbone
Skull Wall Torch Icon.png Skull Wall Torch light 90 A sinister torch made from old bones. floranfloranhuntinggroundsevillightbone
Bone Pile Icon.png Bone Pile breakable 80 A pile of bones, prime for smashing. bone
Bone Pile (ribcage) Icon.png Bone Pile (ribcage) breakable 80 A fully intact ribcage. Not for long. bone
Bone Pile (tall) Icon.png Bone Pile (tall) breakable 80 A pile of bones, prime for smashing. bone
Bone Pile (ribs) Icon.png Bone Pile (ribs) breakable 80 Part of a ribcage. It won't be intact for long. bone