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The X5C-1 Mech is a mech type vehicle in Starbound. Like other mechs it beams down from the players ship, and uses the energy bar. The X5C-1 was the first mech designed and announced for Starbound. An early version of it was included on the FAQ page, in the question
The Original Version of the X5C-1

<– Will I be able to ride this?

Yup! :o"

It was later updated to the new version of the Mech, which was shown in a daily update by Tiy. [1] Soon after Rho shared the new animation on Twitter, revealing the name as well as its origin. The name came from the naming syntax that Rhopunzel uses for versions of work, and the filename "mechx5c-1" was one that stood out as 'cool'.[2]
Updated X5C-1


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