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Lava Icon.png

A measure of bubbling, searing lava.

Value 0

Lava is a gatherable liquid found on Volcano, Magma, and Dead planets as well as some underground mini-biomes and the core of all planets. It glows and poses an extreme threat to characters even at high tier. Like other liquids it can be gathered using the Matter Manipulator.

When a player comes in contact with Lava they will take increasing damage per tick until no longer in contact with Lava. Damage starts at 30 and doubles each tick (30, 60, 120, 240, etc). The player will also be Burned, taking damage for a short time at (2.5% of max hp + 1) per tick.

Lava has several interactions with other liquids:

  • If Lava comes into contact with Water, the parts of the lava that touch the water convert to Magmarock.
  • If Oil, Slime or Jelly come into contact with Lava, the liquids will completely convert to Lava.

The lava in the ocean at the core of most planets has different properties due to being classified as Core Lava. Core Lava yields nothing when harvested with an upgraded Matter Manipulator (making it an unobtainable liquid), and it has different interactions with other liquids:

Status Effects

Ingredient for

Foundry Light Icon.png Foundry Light 10
Hot Hot Hotpot Icon.png Hot Hot Hotpot 1
Magma Lamp Icon.png Magma Lamp 5



File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem liquidlava
File Name lava.liqitem
File Path assets\items\liquids