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Matter Block
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A matter block. A block that matters.

Value 0

Matter block is a crafting material found inside dungeons. After picking up their first Matter Block players will automatically learn the crafting schematics for the three pieces of the Makeshift Armor Set.

The Makeshift Armor Set, which is between the tier 3 and tier 4 racial armors in strength, but can be crafted as soon as unlocking the Beta Sector (tier 2). A total of 24 matter blocks are needed to craft the entire Makeshift Set. Matter blocks are also used to craft the Handy Space Helmet and the stronger Neat Welder's Helmet, which provide a greater energy increase and warmth than the Makeshift Helmet but less defense.

They can be found in Apex Facilities on various planets. To obtain them, a player must use, via pressing E, on a Matter Block Generator, located in Scifi Dungeons. When used, the generator will scatter matter blocks around the room and also explode, dealing significant damage. You can double the amount obtained by removing the background in the room. After a period of time, the generator will reset, allowing additional Matter Blocks to be harvested. Using a mining tool on the generator will cause it to disappear and provide no matter blocks.

Matter blocks should be used wisely, as they can be difficult to obtain.

Desert planets appear more likely to have the Matter Generators. Matter Block Generators are also found on board ships, often found on early level planets. These ships are staffed with hostile guards with Avian names, and Apex/Glitch violium tier armor. You can tell you have found one of these ships if the insulation of the metal structure is completely filled with magma. Not all ships contain a Matter Generator, though.

Once harvested, matter blocks cannot be placed. This is due to there being two different 'types' of matter blocks. The matter blocks released from Matter Generators are considered placeable blocks and have common rarity. Harvesting these blocks with a tool will cause them to drop the second type of matter block, which is considered a non-placeable item and has uncommon rarity.

Ingredient for

link=Handy Space Helmet Handy Space Helmet 1
link=Makeshift Chestpiece Makeshift Chestpiece 12
link=Makeshift Greaves Makeshift Greaves 5
link=Makeshift Helmet Makeshift Helmet 8
link=Neat Welder's Helmet Neat Welder's Helmet 1

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