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Moon Biome Banner.png

Threat: Harmless
Surface analysis: A rocky, airless world. A great source of fuel.

--Ship navigation

Star types: All
Implants Required: Breath Protection

The Moon Biome is a planetary biome with a thin atmosphere. With the lack of an atmosphere, the player requires the Breath Protection tech or will eventually run out of air. It is possible to plant Saplings as long as you place Dirt Blocks or any other block that allows the placement of Saplings.

Moons do not spawn monsters (hence their harmless status), leaving only environmental hazards and meteor showers as threats.

As of Upbeat Giraffe, the main importance of moons are their abundance of Liquid Erchius underground. Very deep underground there is some Plutonium Ore. There are no other ores. There is at least one Moon-biome planet per system.

Moons do not have a lava core; instead, their cores are made of very hard stone. When you are deep down and your camera will not go any further, you are at the core. If you touch the bottom edge you will die instantly. Not to be confused with the Barren Planetary biome.

Biome Features

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Dungeon Types


Starbound chooses one of the following groups of weather for each planet.

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Groups 4 - 9

Micro Biomes

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