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An NPC ship is a procedurally-generated ship that can be found while travelling in space. These ships can be seen in planet view and system view, but not in galaxy view. They are seen as a white ship in your Navigation Console, using the same image as a real player ship, but only NPC ships can be interacted with through your console.

When encountered, you can board the NPC ship if you have built a Mech by navigating to the ship; not the planet the ship is orbiting. In system view, the NPC ship and orbited planet will seem very close together, but the ship can be selected in both system and planet view independently from the planet.

After exploring an NPC ship, the image of the ship in your Navigation Console will be greyed out.


NPC ships can be either friendly or hostile. The description and name of the ship in your Navigation Console will specify whether the ship is hostile or friendly, but they do not use different images, so you can't see enemies at a glimpse.

Friendly NPC ships

Hostile NPC ships

A hostile ship can be encountered within any star system. The tier depends on the star system the ship is in:

Gentle or Temperate Star: Tier 1 (Low)

Radioactive Star : Tier 2 (Moderate)

Frozen Star : Tier 4 (Dangerous)

Fiery Star : Tier 5 (Extreme)

All mech blueprints can be found on hostile ships, a higher tier ship giving higher tier blueprints. More info under items.


Friendly NPC ship items

Hostile NPC ship items

Object/Item Category Price Description
Environmental Data Panel Icon.png Environmental Data Panel Decorative 135 This panel appears to monitor some obscure environmental data.
Wrecked Bed Icon.png Wrecked Bed Furniture 125 Filth and rust have eaten away at this bed. Thankfully I'm not at all tired.
Wrecked Computer Icon.png Wrecked Computer Decorative 70 Scratching sounds from the inside... I think something has made a nest in there.
Wrecked Console Icon.png Wrecked Console Decorative 70 No chance of this thing starting up.
Wrecked Crate Icon.png Wrecked Crate Storage 75 A antique crate, I wonder what's inside..
Wrecked Locker Icon.png Wrecked Locker Storage 85 An old locker. Hey! There's a photo taped to the inside...
Wrecked Support Icon.png Wrecked Support Decorative 55 A rusty metal support.
Wrecked Table Icon.png Wrecked Table Furniture 55 A battered old table. Still operational as far as tables go!
Wrecked Vent Icon.png Wrecked Vent Decorative 50 Stale air whistles through this old vent.