Pulse Jump

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Pulse Jump
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Press Jump in the air to gain a small upward boost. Refreshed upon landing.

Value 0

Pulse Jump is a tech that allows the player to jump a second time in the air. While activated, characters are able to release a pulse of energy beneath their feet. In order to activate pulse jump, the player must press Space while in midair. It doesn't require energy, but players must first touch the ground before it will be usable again.

Pulse jump can be activated after walking off a ledge, right before landing, to prevent fall damage.

Early pulse jump animation
Using Pulse Jump to prevent falling damage does not prevent 100% fall damage. It yields 1 point of damage after hitting the drop point of falling that will damage you.

To unlock this tech players must complete a challenge course quest at the Outpost. After unlocking pulse jump further upgrades can be unlocked using a tech card in the SAIL tech window.



File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem doublejumptech
File Name doublejump.techitem
File Path assets/tech/jump