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Quests are objectives given to the player that provide rewards as well as story progression. There are a number of pre-designed Quests that center around the game's main story.

Quest Journal

Quest Log.png
The Quest Journal is the main UI window for tracking the players Quests. It lists current quests in progress, as well as previously completed and failed quests. By selecting the quest name in the list, the details of the quest will show on the right. These details include a description of the quest objective, as well as listing rewards items/currency.

The default hotkey for bringing up the Quest journal window is 'J'

Picking up Quests

New Quest.png
When encountering a questgiver a window will popup with the details of the quests and the rewards. Clicking 'Accept' will add the quest to the players Quest Journal, clicking 'Reject' will exit the window without adding it to the Journal.

Turning in Completed Quests

Quest Complete.png
When the objectives have been completed the Quest Complete window will pop-up allowing the player to accept or reject the quest rewards.
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