Rainbow Wood

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Rainbow Wood
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Rainbow Wood.

Value 0

Rainbow Wood is an item that is harvested from trees in the Rainbow Mini Biome, which is found on desert planets. Unlike regular Unrefined Wood, Rainbow Wood is not considered a block, meaning it cannot be placed. However, Rainbow Wood Planks, which are crafted from this item, are considered blocks and can be placed.

The first time a player picks up Rainbow Wood they will automatically learn the crafting schematic for Rainbow Wood Planks.

Ingredient for

link=Rainbow Bed Rainbow Bed 80
link=Rainbow Chair Rainbow Chair 50
link=Rainbow Chest Rainbow Chest 65
link=Rainbow Door Rainbow Door 40
link=Rainbow Painting Rainbow Painting 200
link=Rainbow Table Rainbow Table 100
link=Rainbow Unicorn Statue Rainbow Unicorn Statue 500
link=Rainbow Wood Planks Rainbow Wood Planks (3) 1

Racial descriptions



File Details

itemName rainbowwood
File Name rainbowwood.item
File Path assets/items/generic/crafting
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