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A fully upgraded Apex ship
As the player progresses through the story of Starbound, they'll unlock additional upgrades to their starter ship. These additional upgrades provide more space on the ship for players to place objects, as well as crafting stations, containers, and furniture.

After repairing the ship's thrusters and FTL drive the player will open a variety of Quests that they must complete in order to upgrade the size of their ship. These quests are given at the Outpost. The outpost has many 'side' quests, most of which are actually required before ship upgrade quests appear; so if you feel stuck, try finishing all the quests available at the outpost.


Upgrade Requirements

# Quest Quest Requires Ship Requires
1 Racial Starter Quests
Interact with SAIL
2 Tutorial VIII: Ups And Downs
Core Fragment Ore Icon.png 20 Core Fragment Ores
3 Erchius Mining Facility
Steel Armor
Erchius Crystal Icon.png 20 Erchius Crystals
4 Psst (Sparrow Class) Diamond Icon.png 2 Diamonds Titanium Bar Icon.png 10 Titanium Bars, Uranium Rod Icon.png 10 Uranium Rods
5 Psst (Kestrel Class) Diamond Icon.png 4 Diamonds Durasteel Bar Icon.png 10 Durasteel Bars, Uranium Rod Icon.png 20 Uranium Rods
6 Psst (Falcon Class) Diamond Icon.png 8 Diamonds Uranium Rod Icon.png 40 Uranium Rods, Refined Rubium Icon.png 3 Refined Rubium, Refined Violium Icon.png 3 Refined Violium,
Refined Aegisalt Icon.png 3 Refined Aegisalt
7 Psst (Eagle Class) Diamond Icon.png 16 Diamonds Plutonium Rod Icon.png 10 Plutonium Rods, Impervium Compound Icon.png 3 Impervium Compound,
Cerulium Compound Icon.png 3 Cerulium Compound, Ferozium Compound Icon.png 3 Ferozium Compound
8 Psst (Condor Class) Diamond Icon.png 32 Diamonds Solarium Star Icon.png 20 Solarium Stars

Upgrade Unlocks

Tier Capabilities Unlocked Techs Unlocked
Matter Manipulator Pulse Jump, Energy Dash, Bouncy
Teleport to Planet, Travel within Solar System
Paint Tool, Travel Anywhere
Wiring Tool Ground Smash, Rocket Jump, Boat
Research Station Morphball, Gravity Bubble, Light Rig, Skyrail
Targeted Blink, FTL Boost, Rocket Boots
Energy Charge, Particle Boost, Shield
Human Mech, Regeneration, Particle Thrust


Human Ship

Human Ship Upgrades.gif

Floran Ship

Floran Ship Upgrades.gif

Apex Ship

Apex Ship Upgrades.gif

Hylotl Ship

Hylotl Ship Upgrades.gif

Glitch Ship

Glitch Ship Upgrades.gif

Avian Ship

Avian Ship Upgrades.gif

Novakid Ship

Novakid Ship Upgrades.gif


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