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As the player progresses farther into the story of Starbound, they'll unlock additional modules on their starter ship. Other ships obtained can be upgraded in a similar manner. These additional modules provide more space on the ship for players to place objects, as well as crafting stations, containers, and furniture.

Ships can be upgraded by use of items such as the Ship Repair Kit and FTL Repair Kit.

To activate ship upgrades in the current nightly test builds use the following /spawnitem shipT2

/spawnitem shipT3

/spawnitem shipT4

/spawnitem shipT5

/spawnitem shipT6

/spawnitem shipT7

/spawnitem shipT8

Work In Progress Designs

The first preview of ship upgrades was a tweet by Tiy which shared the full upgrade set for a human ship.[1]

New Ship Upgrades.gif

GeorgeV has tweeted two work in progress designs for ship upgrades for Avian and Glitch ships. Glitch Ship Upgrade WIP.gifAvian Ship Upgrade WIP.gif

Floran ship upgrades were first previewed by Rho via twitter.[2]. Mollygos later shared the full Floran upgrade set in a news posting on Starbound's homepage[3].

Floran Ship Upgrades.gif

The remaining upgrades, Apex and Hylotl, were found in the nightly test build.

Hylotl Ship Upgrades.gif
Apex Ship Upgrades.gif

The fully upgraded Novakid Train

Novakid Train full.png


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