Skyrail Rider

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Skyrail Rider
Sky Rail Rider Tech.gif

Unlocks ability to ride the skyrail!

Value 0

Skyrail Rider Tech is required tech for utilizing Skyrails. After activating and equipping the tech, it can be activated by clicking 'F'. This will enable a glowing ring around the player and a spinning wheel above their head. This wheel is the 'rail rider'; it will allow players to glide along the underside of placed Skyrails. This tech does not consume any Energy and can be used indefinitely.

This tech will be made available to unlock after players get a Kestrel Class license to upgrade ship size. It can be unlocked using a Tech Drive.



File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem skyrailTech
File Name skyrail.techitem
File Path assets/tech/skyrail