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Avianairship is an object tag associated with objects unique to Avian Airship dungeons. These objects are used for spawning Grounded Avian tenants.


Name Type (lvl) Race Dungeon Required Object Types (Boxes) Rent Chances Rent Timeframe
Grounded Avian Tenant.png
Grounded Villager Avian Avian Airship Avianairship (18) Villager 15 to 30 minutes


Object Category Price Description Tags
Anchor Icon.png Anchor Decorative 80 A heavy metal anchor. Yarr. avianavianairshipexplorer
Propeller Icon.png Propeller Trap 180 A beautifully crafted propeller. avianavianairshipmechanical
Wooden Ship Wheel Icon.png Wooden Ship Wheel Decorative 80 Yarrrr, me hearties! avianavianairshipexplorer
Treasure Map Icon.png Treasure Map Decorative 100 X marks the spot. avianavianairshipexplorerknowledge
Object Tags