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Crafting is an object tag associated with Crafting station objects. There are no tenants associated with this object tag.


Object Category Price Description Tags
Accelerator Addon Icon.png Accelerator Addon Crafting Station 1250 A module that adds additional ranged equipment and armour to the replicator. crafting
Anvil Icon.png Anvil Crafting Station 350 The anvil is used to produce armour and weapons from fabric and ores. crafting
Apothecary Icon.png Apothecary Crafting Station 75 The apothecary is used to produce healing items and medicine. crafting
Basic Anvil Icon.png Basic Anvil Crafting Station 70 A simple anvil, used for banging metal into shape. glitchglitchvillagecrafting
Foraging Table Icon.png Foraging Table Crafting Station 35 Used to produce items for hunting, mining and farming. crafting
Forge Sign Icon.png Forge Sign Decorative 55 A clear indicator of a forge. glitchglitchvillagecommercecrafting
Fossil Station Icon.png Fossil Station Crafting Station 750 Used to make fossil excavation tools and display cases. crafting
Frontier Furnace Icon.png Frontier Furnace Crafting Station 160 An old copper and brass furnace. novakidnovakidvillagecraftinglight
Heart Forge Icon.png Heart Forge Crafting Station 0 Just the thing for making a gift to show someone you care. valentinescraftinglight
Inventor's Table Icon.png Inventor's Table Crafting Station 35 The inventor's table is used to produce various crafting stations. crafting
Iron Anvil Icon.png Iron Anvil Crafting Station 65 Can be used to produce armour and weapons. crafting
Iron Crafting Table Icon.png Iron Crafting Table Crafting Station 30 One could build some very sophisticated equipment on this table. crafting
Iron Furnace Icon.png Iron Furnace Crafting 45 With this furnace I can craft steel and other strong materials. crafting
Manipulator Addon Icon.png Manipulator Addon Crafting Station 1250 A module that adds additional high-tech combat equipment and armour to the replicator. crafting
Mech Part Crafting Table Icon.png Mech Part Crafting Table Crafting Station 2500 Used to produce modular mech components. craftingelectronic
Medieval Furnace Icon.png Medieval Furnace Crafting Station 195 A old fashioned furnace for tempering tools. glitchglitchvillagecraftinglight
Metalwork Station Icon.png Metalwork Station Crafting Station 120 Can be used to forge steel and other strong alloys into useful equipment. crafting
Pixel Printer Icon.png Pixel Printer Crafting Station 2000 This machine can reorganize pixels into almost any shape. crafting
Primitive Furnace Icon.png Primitive Furnace Crafting Station 50 Used to turn ores and other materials into crafting ingredients. crafting
Rail Crafting Table Icon.png Rail Crafting Table Crafting Station 1250 Used to produce rails, rail riding items and related objects. crafting
Separator Addon Icon.png Separator Addon Crafting Station 1250 A module that adds additional melee equipment and armour to the replicator. crafting
Skyrail Station Icon.png Skyrail Station Crafting Station 100 The skyrail station is used to produce skyrails that provide quick transport across terrain. crafting
Spinning Wheel Icon.png Spinning Wheel Crafting Station 50 The spinning wheel is used to produce clothing, fabrics and other crafting ingredients. crafting
Toymaker's Table Icon.png Toymaker's Table Crafting Station 0 For all your holiday crafting needs! christmascrafting
Wiring Station Icon.png Wiring Station Crafting Station 1250 Used to produce complex wiring components. craftingelectronic
Wooden Workbench Icon.png Wooden Workbench Crafting Station 40 Can be used to produce materials and objects needed to build a settlement. crafting
Workshop Tools Icon.png Workshop Tools Decorative 70 Common, workshop tools used for quick repairs. glitchglitchvillagecrafting
Object Tags