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Electronic is an object tag associated with electronic objects and furniture. These objects are used for spawning Neon tenants.


Name Type Race Required Object Types (Boxes) Rent Chances Rent Timeframe
Neon Tenant.png
Neon Villager Human or Apex Electronic (32) Villager 15 to 30 minutes


Object Category Price Description Tags
Flickering Ceiling TV Icon.png Flickering Ceiling TV Decorative 90 A creepy monitor. A face flickers onto the screen, almost faster than the eye can see. apexapexresearchlabelectronic
Research Terminal Icon.png Research Terminal Wire 140 That big red lever should probably be left alone. apexapexresearchlabelectronicwired
Console Keyboard Icon.png Console Keyboard Wire 125 I wonder what all these buttons are for... apexapexresearchlabelectronicwired
Cool Computer Icon.png Cool Computer Decorative 50 This cool computer is making a lot of 'beep boop boop beep' noises. apexapexresearchlabelectronic
Cool Server Icon.png Cool Server Decorative 60 It looks like a server. I wonder what kind of games could be hosted on that. apexapexresearchlabelectronic
Big Ape HDTV Icon.png Big Ape HDTV Decorative 300 I think Big Ape is watching... apexapexresearchlabelectronic
File:Apex Security Camera Icon.png Apex Security Camera Wire 400 The finest security camera around. apexapexresearchlabelectronic
Hi-tech Turret Icon.png Hi-tech Turret Wire 400 The finest automated security turret around. apexapexresearchlabcombatelectronic
Big Ape TV Icon.png Big Ape TV Decorative 120 There's nothing on. Every channel just displays a picture of Big Ape. apexapexresearchlabelectronic
Blue Arcade Machine Icon.png Blue Arcade Machine Decorative 105 The machine runs a game called 'Psychedelic Rodeo Melee'. hylotlhylotloceancityelectronic
Dance-Dance Machine Icon.png Dance-Dance Machine Decorative 240 Let's play some Dance-Dance! hylotlhylotloceancityelectronicmusical
Mazebound64 Icon.png Mazebound64 Decorative 400 This machine runs a game called 'Mazebound64'. outpostelectronic
Green Arcade Machine Icon.png Green Arcade Machine Decorative 120 This machine runs a game called 'Stylish Thief Wasteland'. hylotlhylotloceancityelectronic
Arcade Machine Icon.png Arcade Machine Decorative 70 An old-school arcade machine. This one plays 'Super Tralgar Blaster 2'. humanhumanbunkerelectronic
Orange Arcade Machine Icon.png Orange Arcade Machine Decorative 120 This machine runs a game called 'Sleazy Burger Heroes'. hylotlhylotloceancityelectronic
Purple Arcade Machine Icon.png Purple Arcade Machine Decorative 135 This machine runs 'Screaming Fashion Agent'. hylotlhylotloceancityelectronic
Red Arcade Machine Icon.png Red Arcade Machine Decorative 105 This machine runs a game called 'Cool Wizard Island'. hylotlhylotloceancityelectronic
Arcade Sign Icon.png Arcade Sign Decorative 150 An arcade sign. There's probably an arcade nearby. hylotlhylotloceancityelectroniclight
Starbound Arcade Machine Icon.png Starbound Arcade Machine Decorative 135 An arcade machine running a game called 'Starbound'. hylotlhylotloceancityelectronic
Yellow Arcade Machine Icon.png Yellow Arcade Machine Decorative 120 This machine runs a game called 'Zombie Banana Mansion'. hylotlhylotloceancityelectronic
Astro Ceiling Monitor Icon.png Astro Ceiling Monitor Decorative 125 Brackets are built into the base to attach this monitor to the ceiling. astroelectronic
Astro Console Icon.png Astro Console Wire 200 A large display built to monitor a variety of devices. astroelectronicwired
Astro Monitor Icon.png Astro Monitor Decorative 95 A compact electronic display monitor. astroelectronic
Old Television Icon.png Old Television Decorative 55 A television! I don't think this has worked for a long time. humanhumanvillageelectronic
Beautiful Attempt! Machine Icon.png Beautiful Attempt! Machine Decorative 210 An arcade machine with an interactive narrative game. hylotlhylotloceancityelectronic
Large Monitor Icon.png Large Monitor Wire 210 The amount of data on this screen is overwhelming. humanhumanbunkerelectronic
Small Computer Icon.png Small Computer Decorative 60 Looks like it's mainly used for data entry. Nothing too interesting. humanhumanbunkerelectronic
Command Console Icon.png Command Console Decorative 80 It's full of really tempting levers but I should probably leave it alone. humanhumanbunkerelectronic
Large Console Icon.png Large Console Wire 135 Two keyboards and one monitor? humanhumanbunkerelectronicwired
Small Console Icon.png Small Console Wire 60 It looks like a screen full of personnel memos. humanhumanbunkerelectronic
Wide Console Icon.png Wide Console Wire 120 It's a screen full of super top secret mission data... Boring. humanhumanbunkerelectronic
Metal Office Desk Icon.png Metal Office Desk Decorative 85 An office desk with a built-in monitor. Looks like someone was doing some coding. humanhumanbunkerelectronicstoragecommerce
Blueprint Display Icon.png Blueprint Display Decorative 120 The display shows a round central room branching off into several hallways. humanhumanbunkerelectronic
Statistical Display Icon.png Statistical Display Decorative 180 A screen with a pie chart representing budget statistics. humanhumanbunkerelectronic
Map Display Icon.png Map Display Decorative 120 It's a map displaying a round central room branching out into several corridors. humanhumanbunkerelectronic
Anomalous Display Icon.png Anomalous Display Decorative 240 That's no moon... humanhumanbunkerelectronic
Eye Scanner Icon.png Eye Scanner Wire 90 A device to scan eyeballs and match them to personnel data. humanhumanbunkerelectronicwired
Fingerprint Scanner Icon.png Fingerprint Scanner Wire 90 It scans fingerprints and matches them to personnel data. humanhumanbunkerelectronicwired
Motion Detector Icon.png Motion Detector Wire 75 Stay still! It can't see you if you stay still. humanhumanbunkerelectronicwired
Environmental Data Panel Icon.png Environmental Data Panel Decorative 135 This panel appears to monitor some obscure environmental data. humanhumanbunkerelectronic
Medical Data Panel Icon.png Medical Data Panel Decorative 135 It's a screen displaying an old medical scan. humanhumanbunkerelectronic
LED Recruitment Panel Icon.png LED Recruitment Panel Decorative 135 A flashy electronic recruitment poster. humanhumanbunkerelectronic
Server Cabinet Icon.png Server Cabinet Decorative 135 It's a large server cabinet. humanhumanbunkerelectronic
Large Metal Table Icon.png Large Metal Table Furniture 120 Ideal for laying out battle strategies, holding meetings and snacking. humanhumanbunkerelectronic
Small Wall Monitor Icon.png Small Wall Monitor Decorative 50 A monitor displaying a task list. humanhumanbunkerelectronic
USCM Television Monitors Icon.png USCM Television Monitors Decorative 70 A set of three TV monitors facing in different directions.' humanhumanbunkerelectronic
Wires Icon.png Wires Decorative 60 This is just an electrical fire waiting to happen. humanhumanbunkerelectronic
Club Decks Icon.png Club Decks Decorative 160 The huge speakers pump out loud dance music. hylotlhylotloceancityelectronicmusical
Carved Bird Console Icon.png Carved Bird Console Wire 95 An access panel with a bird crudely etched into the base. avianaviantemplewiredelectronic
Carved Egg Console Icon.png Carved Egg Console Wire 95 An access panel with an egg etched into its base. avianaviantemplewiredelectronic
Carved Flame Console Icon.png Carved Flame Console Wire 95 An access panel with a flame carved into its base. avianaviantemplewiredelectronic
Large Carved Console Icon.png Large Carved Console Wire 140 A large control panel powered by Avian crystals. avianaviantemplewiredelectronic
Carved Security Panel Icon.png Carved Security Panel Decorative 50 A small security panel. avianaviantempleelectronic
Data Station Icon.png Data Station Light Source 190 This station seems to be transmitting a lot of data. electronic
Electrical Barrier Icon.png Electrical Barrier Door 125 It's some sort of electrical barrier. Looks dangerous... doorelectronic
Escape Radar Dish Icon.png Escape Radar Dish Decorative 120 A radar dish. Not to be confused with a salad dish. outpostelectronicmechanical
Human Shield Generator Icon.png Human Shield Generator Wire 1000 A shield generator. Protective! humanelectronic
Hylotl Fashion Hologram Icon.png Hylotl Fashion Hologram Decorative 140 A hologram displaying the latest trends in Hylotl fashion. hylotlhylotloceancityelectroniccommerce
Blue Shell Sign Icon.png Blue Shell Sign Decorative 195 A blue neon sign decorated with a seashell. hylotlhylotloceancityelectronic
Green Lily Pad Sign Icon.png Green Lily Pad Sign Decorative 195 A green neon sign advertising furniture from a lily pad inspired design movement. hylotlhylotloceancityelectronic
Orange Apex Sign Icon.png Orange Apex Sign Decorative 195 An orange neon sign displaying what seems to be Big Ape. hylotlhylotloceancityelectronic
Blue Neon Sign Icon.png Blue Neon Sign Decorative 180 A sign that looks like it says "BUBBLE"... hylotlhylotloceancityelectronic
Green Neon Sign Icon.png Green Neon Sign Decorative 180 A sign that looks like it says "RIBBIT"... hylotlhylotloceancityelectronic
Orange Neon Sign Icon.png Orange Neon Sign Decorative 180 It looks like the word 'croak', but apparently it means something completely different. hylotlhylotloceancityelectronic
Blue Neon Shop Sign Icon.png Blue Neon Shop Sign Decorative 180 Small ocean creatures swim within this sign. hylotlhylotloceancityelectronic
Green Neon Pod Sign Icon.png Green Neon Pod Sign Decorative 180 A sign displaying reefpods, a tasty delicacy. hylotlhylotloceancityelectronic
Orange Neon Collector Sign Icon.png Orange Neon Collector Sign Decorative 180 A sign seeking Hylotl to collect spawn from the surface. hylotlhylotloceancityelectronic
Industrial Computer Icon.png Industrial Computer Wire 140 An old metal computer tower. Untidy cables hang out of its back. industrialelectronicwired
Industrial Display Icon.png Industrial Display Wire 105 A display which appears to be connected to some sort of radar. industrialelectronicwired
Mech Part Crafting Table Icon.png Mech Part Crafting Table Crafting Station 2500 Used to produce modular mech components. craftingelectronic
Microwave Icon.png Microwave Crafting Station 70 Nuke all the foods! humanhumanvillagecookingelectronic
Minidrone Intel Rack Icon.png Minidrone Intel Rack Decorative 450 A computer displaying information downloaded from the drone on top. apexapexresearchlabelectronic
Miniknog Intel Display Icon.png Miniknog Intel Display Decorative 360 A display cycling through information about Miniknog strongholds. apexapexresearchlabelectronic
Power Sign Icon.png Power Sign Wire 60 A sign that says either offline or online. humanlunarbaseelectronic
Wall Mounted Monitor Icon.png Wall Mounted Monitor Decorative 140 A monitor. But who monitors the monitor? outpostelectronic
Desktop PC Icon.png Desktop PC Decorative 50 A computer. Probably quite a good one. outpostelectronic
Large Radar Dish Icon.png Large Radar Dish Decorative 170 A radar dish. Not to be confused with a salad dish. outpostelectronicmechanical
Standing Security Console Icon.png Standing Security Console Decorative 70 A security console. For keeping things secure. outpostelectronic
Service Panel Icon.png Service Panel Decorative 50 A service panel. outpostelectronic
Small Mounted Monitor Icon.png Small Mounted Monitor Decorative 110 A small monitor. But what does it display? outpostelectronic
Basic Terminal Icon.png Basic Terminal Decorative 70 A terminal. Useful, probably. outpostelectronic
Plasma Disc Icon.png Plasma Disc Light Source 105 An electrically charged plasma field. It reacts to sound. apexapexresearchlabscienceelectroniclight
Security Camera Station Icon.png Security Camera Station Light Source 150 A set of monitors displaying the feeds from security cameras. Watch out for paranormal activity. humanhumanprisonelectronic
Security Control Panel Icon.png Security Control Panel Wire 245 A control panel that appears to operate lights, doors and alarms. humanhumanprisonelectronicwired
USCM Penal Colony Panel Icon.png USCM Penal Colony Panel Light Source 105 The panel displays information about interacting with prisoners... humanhumanprisonelectronic
Security Camera Icon.png Security Camera Light Source 90 A security camera. An all-seeing eye. humanhumanprisonelectronic
Pump Sign Icon.png Pump Sign Wire 75 A sign that indicates the status of a pump. hylotlhylotloceancityelectronic
Data Screen Icon.png Data Screen Decorative 45 Old system readings that seem to be out of date. avianaviantempleelectronic
Spaceship Screen Icon.png Spaceship Screen Decorative 45 It's a spaceship orbiting a planet. avianaviantempleelectronic
Star Map Screen Icon.png Star Map Screen Decorative 45 A star map! It's a little primitive. avianaviantempleelectronic
Glyph Screen Icon.png Glyph Screen Decorative 45 Glyphs pulse ominously... what do they mean? avianaviantempleelectronic
Brain Activity Screen Icon.png Brain Activity Screen Decorative 45 Are those... brain waves? Yes. Yes they are. avianaviantempleelectronic
Planet Monitor Icon.png Planet Monitor Decorative 90 I wish I'd paid attention in astrogeography class. electronic
Space Slideshow Icon.png Space Slideshow Decorative 750 A screen displaying a series of space-themed photographs. stationelectronicspace
Station Console Icon.png Station Console Wire 125 A small terminal, with a compact display screen. stationelectronicwired
Station Display Icon.png Station Display Decorative 120 A wall-mounted screen lit up with lots of blue text. stationelectronic
Station Hologram Icon.png Station Hologram Decorative 200 A flickering holographic display of an unidentified planet. stationelectronic
Electronics Station Sign Icon.png Electronics Station Sign Decorative 85 A sign with an image of an electronic component, indicating an electronics station. stationelectronic
Food Station Sign Icon.png Food Station Sign Decorative 85 A sign with an image of food utensils, indicating a food station. stationelectronic
Medic Station Sign Icon.png Medic Station Sign Decorative 85 A sign with an image indicating a medical station. stationelectronic
Weapons Station Sign Icon.png Weapons Station Sign Decorative 85 A sign with an image of a gun, indicating a weapons station. stationelectronic
Avian Server Icon.png Avian Server Decorative 60 This Avian server must contain a vast amount of data. avianaviantempleelectronic
TV Station Icon.png TV Station Light Source 190 Once used to broadcast a video signal. electronic
Wiring Station Icon.png Wiring Station Crafting Station 1250 Used to produce complex wiring components. craftingelectronic
Wrecked Screen Icon.png Wrecked Screen Decorative 100 The screen sends out an ominous flickering light. wreckelectronic
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