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Mushroompatch is an object tag associated with objects unique to Mushroom Patch or Mushrooms mini biomes. These objects are used for spawning Mushroom merchant tenants.


Name Type (lvl) Race Biome Required Object Types (Boxes) Rent Chances Rent Timeframe
Mushroom Tenant.png
Mushroom Merchant Merchant Agaran Mushroom Patch or Mushrooms Mushroompatch (18) Merchant 15 to 30 minutes


Object Category Price Description Tags
Giant Agaran Mushroom Icon.png Giant Agaran Mushroom Decorative 80 A giant mushroom of Agaran origin. agaranmushroompatchnature
Shroom Bed Icon.png Shroom Bed Furniture 75 A mushroom bed. Guaranteed to give you weird dreams. agaranmushroompatchnature
Shroom Chair Icon.png Shroom Chair Furniture 45 A mushroom chair. Or maybe a toadstool. mushroompatchnature
Shroom Chest Icon.png Shroom Chest Storage 40 A mushroom fashioned into a chest. mushroompatchnaturestorage
Shroom Door Icon.png Shroom Door Door 60 A door made of mushrooms. It even has a cute mushroom handle. mushroompatchnaturedoor
Shroom Lamp Icon.png Shroom Lamp Light Source 45 A glow-in-the-dark mushroom. Handy AND cute. mushroompatchnaturelight
Mushroom Statue Icon.png Mushroom Statue Decorative 500 A statue of a mushroom. agaranmushroompatchnaturepretty
Shroom Table Icon.png Shroom Table Furniture 65 A giant mushroom. Perfect to use as a table. mushroompatchnaturecommerce
Mushroom Wardrobe Icon.png Mushroom Wardrobe Storage 75 A mushroom wardrobe. mushroompatchnaturestorage
Object Tags