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Outpost is an object tag associated with outpost themed objects and furniture. There are no tenants associated with this object tag.


Object Category Price Description Tags
2 Stop Teleshop Icon.png 2 Stop Teleshop Other This shop offers personal teleporters in a variety of styles. outpost
2 Stop Teleshop Teleporter Icon.png 2 Stop Teleshop Teleporter Teleporter This teleporter makes a great demonstration and a handy return point! outpost
Antenna Icon.png Antenna Decorative 70 An antenna. These are typically used to boost communication signals. outpost
Mazebound64 Icon.png Mazebound64 Decorative 400 This machine runs a game called 'Mazebound64'. outpostelectronic
Bathroom Hand Dryer Icon.png Bathroom Hand Dryer Light Source 50 A handy hand dryer. Hands off. outpost
Bathroom Sink Icon.png Bathroom Sink Decorative 55 A bathroom sink. Wash your hands! outpost
Bathroom Stall Icon.png Bathroom Stall Furniture 110 A bathroom stall. Don't get stuck! outpost
Rubbish Bin Icon.png Rubbish Bin Storage 65 Trash. Just trash. Or is it? Answer: yes. outpoststorage
Bathroom Urinal Icon.png Bathroom Urinal Decorative 55 A bathroom urinal. Useful for some. outpost
Bench Icon.png Bench Furniture 105 A basic bench. outpost
Coffee Machine Icon.png Coffee Machine Decorative 65 A coffee machine, for the perfect pick-me-up. outpost
Escape Radar Dish Icon.png Escape Radar Dish Decorative 120 A radar dish. Not to be confused with a salad dish. outpostelectronicmechanical
Filing Cabinet Icon.png Filing Cabinet Storage 60 A filing cabinet. Sorted. outpoststorage
Fire Extinguisher Icon.png Fire Extinguisher Decorative 55 A fire extinguisher. Not for fun and games. outpost
Floop Icon.png Floop Decorative 20 Floop marker. outpost
Floor Icon.png Floor Decorative 20 Floor marker. outpost
Frögg Furnishing Icon.png Frögg Furnishing Other The finest furnishings from around the universe. outpostcommerce
Hanging Booster Icon.png Hanging Booster Decorative A hanging mech booster. outpost
Infinity Express Icon.png Infinity Express Other An intergalactic convenience store. It seems an ideal place to stock up. outpostcommerce
Mech Sign Icon.png Mech Sign Decorative 50 This metal sign indicates a mech work station. outpost
Zero Icon.png Zero Decorative 20 Zero marker. outpost
One Icon.png One Decorative 20 One marker. outpost
Two Icon.png Two Decorative 20 Two marker. outpost
Three Icon.png Three Decorative 20 Three marker. outpost
Four Icon.png Four Decorative 20 Four marker. outpost
Five Icon.png Five Decorative 20 Five marker. outpost
Six Icon.png Six Decorative 20 Six marker. outpost
Seven Icon.png Seven Decorative 20 Seven marker. outpost
Eight Icon.png Eight Decorative 20 Eight marker. outpost
Nine Icon.png Nine Decorative 20 Nine marker. outpost
Small Airlock Icon.png Small Airlock Door 125 This door is made of some sort of bulletproof material. outpostdoor
Large Airlock Icon.png Large Airlock Door 140 This door is made of some sort of bulletproof material. outpostdoor
Urban Bar Stool Icon.png Urban Bar Stool Furniture 70 A wobbly bar stool. outpost
Basic Metal Bed Icon.png Basic Metal Bed Furniture 140 A basic bed. Not too comfy. outpost
Wall Mounted Button Icon.png Wall Mounted Button Wire 70 A button. outpostwired
Outpost Cabinet Icon.png Outpost Cabinet Storage 95 A cabinet containing who knows what? outpoststorage
Metal Cargo Crate Icon.png Metal Cargo Crate Storage 110 A crate containing cargo. What cargo? Who knows. outpoststoragecommerce
Short Metal Cargo Crate Icon.png Short Metal Cargo Crate Storage 100 A small cargo crate. No doubt it has cargo in it. outpoststoragecommerce
Metal Light Fixture Icon.png Metal Light Fixture Light Source 90 A metallic light fixture. outpostlight
Padded Metal Chair Icon.png Padded Metal Chair Furniture 75 A chair. You sit in it. Yes. outpost
Free Standing Console Icon.png Free Standing Console Wire 125 A control console. outpostwired
Chic Cooking Table Icon.png Chic Cooking Table Crafting Station 100 This counter seems ideal for food preparation. outpostcooking
Large Mechanical Crane Icon.png Large Mechanical Crane Decorative 100 A crane. Used for lifting, or swinging from. outpostmechanical
Basic Metal Desk Icon.png Basic Metal Desk Storage 120 A basic desk. outpoststoragecommerce
Chic Fridge Icon.png Chic Fridge Refrigerated Storage 180 A fridge. Hopefully filled with tasty, tasty treats. outpostcookingstorage
Power Generator Icon.png Power Generator Decorative 165 A handy power generator. outpostmechanical
Wall Mounted Keypad Icon.png Wall Mounted Keypad Wire 90 A keypad. outpostwired
LED Wall Light Icon.png LED Wall Light Light Source 60 A wall light. outpostlight
Simple Wall Light Icon.png Simple Wall Light Light Source 45 A wall light. outpostlight
Basic Metal Locker Icon.png Basic Metal Locker Storage 175 A locker of unknown ownership. outpoststorage
Microwave Oven Icon.png Microwave Oven Crafting Station 70 A microwave. For when you're hungry enough to nuke your food. outpostcooking
Wall Mounted Monitor Icon.png Wall Mounted Monitor Decorative 140 A monitor. But who monitors the monitor? outpostelectronic
Desktop PC Icon.png Desktop PC Decorative 50 A computer. Probably quite a good one. outpostelectronic
Public Chair Icon.png Public Chair Furniture 75 A chair that anyone can sit on! outpost
Large Radar Dish Icon.png Large Radar Dish Decorative 170 A radar dish. Not to be confused with a salad dish. outpostelectronicmechanical
Standing Security Console Icon.png Standing Security Console Decorative 70 A security console. For keeping things secure. outpostelectronic
Service Panel Icon.png Service Panel Decorative 50 A service panel. outpostelectronic
Large Shipping Container Icon.png Large Shipping Container Storage 625 A shipping container. Probably doesn't contain a ship. outpoststorage
Sleek Sliding Door Icon.png Sleek Sliding Door Door 95 This sliding door makes me feel like I'm in a sci-fi game... outpostdoor
Small Mounted Monitor Icon.png Small Mounted Monitor Decorative 110 A small monitor. But what does it display? outpostelectronic
Standing Desk Icon.png Standing Desk Decorative 60 A standing desk. Good for the posture. outpost
Basic Metal Table Icon.png Basic Metal Table Decorative 110 A table. Perfect for tabletop gaming. Or eating. outpostcommerce
Large Metal Tank Icon.png Large Metal Tank Decorative 90 A tank of unknown use. outpostmechanicalstorage
Basic Terminal Icon.png Basic Terminal Decorative 70 A terminal. Useful, probably. outpostelectronic
Penguin Bay Icon.png Penguin Bay Other This place is selling counterfeit ship licenses. outpostcommerce
Biggy's Reputable Weaponry Icon.png Biggy's Reputable Weaponry Other Offers upgrades to rare weapons. outpostcommerce
Plastic Plant Icon.png Plastic Plant Decorative 60 A fake plastic plant. Not a tree. outpostnaturepretty
Rob Repairo Icon.png Rob Repairo Other 50 It's a Rob Repairo, A mechanical merchant who repairs lost or broken vehicles. outpost
Roof Vent Icon.png Roof Vent Decorative 60 A vent. outpost
Penguin Pete Icon.png Penguin Pete Other A shady looking captain. outpostcommerce
Shipyard Junk Icon.png Shipyard Junk [[]] It's a collection of ship parts. outpost
Welding Penguin Icon.png Welding Penguin Decorative He looks busy. outpost
EASEL Icon.png EASEL Decorative The Elegantly Automatic Sign Engineering Lithographer. outpostcommerce
Tech Lab Icon.png Tech Lab Decorative Tech lab equipment. outpost
Tech Console Dispenser Icon.png Tech Console Dispenser Decorative Purchase tech consoles using this interface. outpost
Equip Tech Console Icon.png Equip Tech Console Decorative Equip your tech on this console. outpost
Tech Lab Interface Icon.png Tech Lab Interface Other Tech lab hologram outpost
Terramart Icon.png Terramart Other For all your farming and terraforming needs! outpostcommerce
Treasured Trophies Icon.png Treasured Trophies [[]] Got something rare? We've got something rarer. outpostcommerce
Ursa Miner Icon.png Ursa Miner Other A family business. Sells refined ores for crafting. outpostcommerce
Water Cooler (outpost) Icon.png Water Cooler (outpost) Decorative 55 A water cooler. The best place to find the hottest gossip. outpost
Wired Target Icon.png Wired Target Other 0 This practice target outputs a wire signal until broken. outpost
Object Tags