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Weapons are items that players use in combat. Weapons are either procedurally generated or they're unique with a predetermined appearance and power level.

Found weapons can be of any rarity from common to legendary, which in turn affects which stat ranges and effects are available.[1]

Power Icon.png Armor sets crafted as the game progresses have a power multiplier stat. The total is summed under and then applied as a flat damage multiplier on weapon base DPS. As a result players can improve their armor and not need to update their weapon as quickly since it's damage will scale up.

The amount of possible weapons in the game has not been calculated, but when ignoring the stats such as base DPS, damage per swing, and swing speed there are over 1,000,000 possibilities using the data available.

Weapon Generation

Unless the weapon is a Unique Weapon with fixed abilities, it will be procedurally generated and can have a very wide variety of stats, appearances and secondary abilities.


The weapon's base damage is based on its Tier. The weapon will have the same tier as the planet it is found on. The higher the weapon Tier, the higher the possible damage of the final weapon. Generally if a weapon uses energy to fire, higher Tier weapons will use less energy than otherwise identical lower Tier weapons.

Because Unique Weapons have fixed abilities and damage, they are assigned to specific Tiers and if they can be found in the universe at all can only be found on appropriately difficult worlds.

Fire Rate (how fast the weapon attacks) appears to be the one stat not affected by weapon Tier and is instead tied to the weapon type.

Currently the highest available planet Tier is Tier 6. If you are looking for the most powerful weapons they appear only on Inconceivable threat level worlds as weapon strength scales directly to their Tier. Not all Legendary weapons are Tier 6, however; you will be able to very rarely find Legendary weapons starting from Tier 2 worlds.


All objects in the game have an assigned Rarity. For weapons, this is used as a rough indication of how unusual the weapon's features are as well as how likely you are to find one.

  • Common weapons deal basic damage only and use the most energy to operate; they will have the most basic (common) secondary attacks if the weapon class has that ability.
  • Uncommon weapons deal elemental damage and can use less energy than common weapons; they can have secondary attacks based on their element as well as the basic specials.
  • Rare weapons deal elemental damage and their primary attacks also apply special effects on enemies based on the damage type, they can use very little energy for their class and almost always have an exotic secondary attack based on their element.
  • Legendary weapons are Unique Weapons - they will never be procedurally generated, will have damage potential well above average for their Tier and have unique secondary attacks where applicable.

A rarer weapon does not mean it is necessarily better than a common rarity. It does mean, however, that it is much more likely to be better than a more common weapon, but sometimes the weapon generation system will pick the worst possible numbers out of the range it can select from and the weapon will not be as powerful as it had the potential to be. To offset this, if a rare weapon has a more basic secondary attack, it will deal more damage than its more common variants and for 1-Handed weapons the possible stat ranges are more biased in favor of better damage and fire rate at higher rarities.

Currently, all Staves (Staffs) and Wands are 'Rare' or higher - this appears to be the result of their possible attacks being more limited.

Because of these quirks in weapon generation, you may find a generated Uncommon weapon more to your liking than a Legendary offering, depending on what you're looking for in your arsenal.

Elemental Damage

Uncommon and Rare weapons have an assigned elemental damage type. Some damage types are more effective against specific enemies than others, but weapons are never ineffective against certain enemies because of their element - fire-type enemies will still take damage from fire-type weapons. In addition to determining the damage type, each element can apply a status effect. These can be damaging (like burning, poison, or electrified) or offer control by impairing enemy movement (like frost). The elemental damage type of each weapon is visible by the corresponding icon in the in-game tooltip.

The secondary special attacks for rare and uncommon two handed weapons are shared by type, but only rare and legendary weapons will apply status effects with their primary attack.

Melee Weapons

Melee weapons are those used in close combat. They require that the player is near their target to strike. They can be two handed, one handed, directional or non as well as having a variety of elemental damage types.

One Handed

One handed melee weapons include daggers, shortswords, fist weapons and axes. Because one handed weapons are dual wielded they don't have a secondary attack, but weapons with different types and effects can be combined to give players many options for combat.

One handed weapons do not use energy, so they can be used continuously in combat.


Small Dagger Swipe.gif
Daggers attack with a flurry of blows, repeating the same attack every time the button is pressed. The tradeoff for their very high attack speed is the low damage and reach of the swipe; however, this attack is directional. They're extremely useful for applying status effects.


Small Shortsword Swipe.gif

The Shortsword has longer reach and higher damage than the Dagger, but it also functions differently - instead of a constant barrage of the same attack, the Shortword can attack two times, a swipe followed by a longer reach stab. After those two attacks, there is a brief pause before the user can attack again, signified by the weapon blinking white. Compared to a Broadsword, the Shortsword has considerably less reach and damage, as well as no Special; however, its attacks are quicker, and it leaves the other hand empty for pairing it with a shield or ranged weapon, or even dual-wielding for double the attack speed.


Small Axe Swipe.gif
Axes function noticeably differently from Daggers and Shortswords, behaving more like one-handed Hammers - pressing attack will make the character raise the Axe to strike, and will only attack if sufficiently charged (denoted by a noticeable 'jump' the animation); however, the Axe will deliver much higher damage. This makes the Axe perfect for hit and run attacks, retreating to charge up and darting in to release.

Fist Weapons

Fist weapons deal damage at point blank range; they have the smallest hitbox of any weapon type. Fist weapons are unique in that they're the only one handed melee weapon with secondary attacks (in the form of combos) as well as the only one handed weapon type that doesn't attack directionally. Fist weapons attack and combo in whatever direction the player is facing.

When duel wielded, fist weapons can 'combo' a special move after four strikes. The combo available depends on the fist weapon itself, and two different fist weapons can be worn at the same time to give players the ability to use either combo.

Fist weapons are Unique Weapons; they'll always be found with the same set stats, appearance and special attacks.

Two Handed

Two handed melee weapons include broadswords, hammers and spears. Because two handed weapons cannot be dual wielded they have a variety of secondary attacks to compensate. These attacks depend on the weapon type and the weapon rarity. Special attacks are shared between weapons of uncommon and rare rarity but only rare weapons apply status effects to enemies. Two handed weapons do not use energy with their primary attack, but do consume it for their special attack so those attacks cannot be used continuously in combat.


Small Broadsword Swipe.gif
Broadswords are the two handed sword class. They are slower and more powerful than one-handed shortswords. They cannot be aimed directionally, outside swinging in whatever direction the player is facing.

Because broadswords cannot be equipped with a shield some have the ability to parry attacks. This is similar to blocking with a shield, but the duration is limited and must be recharged before using again.


Small Hammer Swipe.gif
Hammers are a swiping two handed weapon class. They cannot be aimed directionally, and swing in whatever direction the player is facing.

Hammers are unique because they require a 'wind up' before they'll attack. To swing a hammer the attack button must be held down until the hammer is fully raised, otherwise it will not swing. After winding up players can continue to hold the attack button to keep the hammer ready to attack, releasing only when they're ready to swing. The Hammer's long wind up time makes them the slower then all other weapons to attack, but they are the most powerful.


Small Spear Swipe.gif
Spears are a jabbing two handed weapon class. They can be aimed directionally, allowing players to attack in the direction of the cursor.

Spears are unique because they can remain held outward to deal damage continually by holding down primary attack. While held outward players will injure any enemies the spear makes contact with, allowing players to charge in while dealing damage. Like all weapon classes, there are a variety of special spears found throughout the universe with unique effects, attacks, projectiles and appearances.

Ranged Weapons

Ranged weapons are those used to deal damage from a distance in combat. Most require that the player is within line of sight of their target to deal damage. Although there's no ammo for ranged weapons, they consume energy when used and are unable to attack temporarily when energy has been depleted.

In the later game the Accelerator's Table is designed to craft armor for ranged combat focused characters. The armor it provides gives extra bonuses to total energy over other armor types. The Manipulator's Table is designed for staff combat gear, but can be used for improved burst damage at the cost of total weapon uptime; the weapon will run out of energy much faster.


Firearms are the most common ranged weapon type. When held the player cursor changes to a crosshair, determining where the firearm will fire. Firearms use energy as their ammo which replenishes itself when not being used. All firearms are directionally aimed and will fire in a straight line toward the cursor.

One Handed

Grenade Launchers

Grenade Launchers are a one handed weapon which launches small explosive grenades. These grenades will explode dealing damage after a few seconds. Uncommon and rare launchers have elemental damage types which are applied to their grenade explosion and deal corresponding status effects. The projectile Grenade Launchers fire is also randomly generated, and you can find landmine style, bouncy grenade style and sticky grenade style launchers which are all useful in different situations.

Machine Pistols

Machine pistols are the automatic one handed gun class. They fire a fast stream of bullets, which deal elemental damage for uncommon and rare rarity guns. They generally deal less burst damage compared to assault rifles, but because they can be duel wielded afford some versatility. Machine pistols have consistent and constant firing patterns allowing for reliable damage over time.


Pistols are the manual one handed gun class. They deal more damage then their automatic counterparts at the cost of reduced fire rate; the damage and fire rate stats are effectively inverted from machine pistols except that high tier pistols can deal double-digit damage (10+) per round. Novakids have increasingly powerful pistol recipes available to them as they progress through the game.

Two Handed

Assault Rifles

Assault rifles are the two handed automatic gun class. They are designed for burst damage at distance and and have a variety of special attacks designed to cover for their inability to fire at point blank range. They generally consume more energy and deal more damage than their one-handed counterpart machine pistols, but have varying firing patterns. Some assault rifles will deal consistent damage akin to a machine pistol and feel similar, whilst others will feel very different and have a rhythmic, "pulsing" attack pattern that deals a lot of damage but less frequently.

Rocket Launchers

Rocket launchers are a two handed weapon class that fires explosive rockets toward the target. Their primary attack is to fire a rocket directly at the target, but they can have special attacks available which allow the player to guide the rocket. Other rocket launchers will have a totally alternative secondary fire, such as a grenade launcher. Despite what logic might suggest, your own rockets cannot damage you.


Shotguns are a two handed gun class which fires scattered cone of small bullets, dealing damage in a wide area. The closer the target is to the player when the shotgun is fired, the more bullets will strike them and the more damage they'll take. Shotguns are useful for dealing a small amount of damage in a spread or high damage at close range. Their special attacks generally are meant to be used during the downtime between shots from the primary attack.

Sniper Rifles

Sniper rifles are the non-automatic two handed gun class, trading fire rate for greatly increased damage. They're able to deal high damage from a great distance. Their special attacks are designed to enhance the lethality of the primary attack by marking the enemy for death in some way prior to your next shot.

Staffs and Wands

Staves (Staffs) and Wands are weapon types that are specialized to be used with armor crafted at a Manipulator's Table. They are designed to attack occasionally but deal devastating damage with each shot, making full use of the damage bonus of Ferozium armor. Most are not crafted, but can be found as procedurally generated weapons throughout the game. The player can, however, craft the Ferozium Wand and Ferozium Staff, which are Unique Weapons with abilities not available on other staves and wands.

Staffs are two handed, and have a variety of 'Area of Effect' secondary abilities available which provide a support bonus to both friends and foes that stand in the created "zone". Wands are one handed, and have no secondary abilities but can be dual wielded.

Both are ranged weapons, requiring very high energy. Each staff or wand has a unique effect when used, much like a "spell" being cast.

For all staff and wand weapons, the mouse cursor changes to a red crosshair when equipped. After holding down the mouse button to charge the weapon the cursor will turn green provided it is within line of sight. When the cursor is green the mouse button can be released to detonate the staff attack/ability.


Bows generally fire arcing projectiles and are the only hunting weapons with infinite ammunition. The bow type determines the damage output of arrows fired from it. Bows are Unique Weapons, so their appearance and stats are the same regardless of where they are obtained.

All bows have the Bow Shot ability, assigned to the left-hand button while a bow is equipped. Holding down the left-hand button causes the player to pull the bowstring back with an arrow nocked. For the first 0.9 seconds of draw time, arrow base power scales up to a maximum of 100% of base max damage, and 30 energy is drained from the player's energy pool. Starting at 0.9 seconds of draw time and ending at 1.1 seconds, the bow will usually turn white to indicate that the shot is fully charged. For maximum damage output, the arrow should be released within this interval - keeping the bow drawn for too long will reduce arrow base power to 80% of base max damage, indicated by the bow returning to its normal color.

All bows except for the Light Bow and the Aegisalt Bow also possess the Zen Shot ability, assigned to the right-hand button while equipped. Holding down the right-hand button causes the player to enter a zen state before drawing their bow and aiming high. Arrow base power scales to 100% of base max damage over the first 0.9 seconds of draw time while 60 energy is drained from the player's energy pool. When the arrow is released, it flies in a high arc and splits into three arrows on the way down; the center arrow passes very close to the aiming cursor's location at the time of release as it falls to the ground.

Killing a procedurally generated monster with a bow or thrown hunting weapon greatly increases the chance of obtaining food. Bipedal monsters will drop either Raw Steak or Leather, quadripedal monsters will drop either Raw Steak, Raw Ribs or Leather, and flying monsters will drop Raw Poultry. Swimming monsters, both large and small, have the same item drop chances regardless of whether a hunting weapon dealt the killing blow.

Killing a Unique Monster with a bow or thrown hunting weapon usually improves the chance of obtaining meat and unique drops. However, unique monsters that do not drop meat will continue to not drop meat, resulting in a still-considerable chance of getting nothing from killing certain unique monsters with hunting weapons.


Whips are a set of Unique Weapons with a limited range. Whips quickly strike the point where the cursor crosshairs are when fired, they have a range and will extend as closely as they can to the cursor if it's out of range.

Throwing Weapons

Thrown weapons are those which are thrown at enemies for a variety of attacks and effects. These weapons do not consume energy, and the target is determined by the location of the cursor.


Boomerang type throwing weapons are not consumed on use and return to the player after being thrown. The behavior and damage of each of these weapons is unique.

Boomerangs and Chakrams deflect off walls, and in many cases their thrown behavior is different if they strike a surface.

Consumable Throwables

Consumable thrown weapons are consumed when thrown, meaning the player has a finite supply and can run out. There are two main lines of consumable throwing weapons:

-The thrown hunting weapons, which include the Hunting Spear, the Iron Hunting Spear, the Javelin and the Energy Javelin, have high damage but slow throwing rates. Like bows, these items, when they deal the killing blow, cause monsters to drop meat and unique drops more often.

-The throwing weapons, which include Throwing Darts, Throwing Daggers, Throwing Axes, Throwing Knifes, Throwing Kunai and Throwing Stars, are more useful against multiple targets due to their fast throwing rates.

Other throwing items vary in terms of combat effectiveness, and some of them are not meant for killing at all.


Shields are 1-Handed "weapons" that do not deal damage but instead allow the player to block a limited amount of incoming damage. If the damage dealt to the player overwhelms the shield's limit, it temporarily breaks and the player takes full damage until the shield recovers. The Cooldown stat on the shield shows you how long it will take for the shield to recover.


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Weapon Types