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Examples of Gun types

Weapons are items that players use in combat. Weapons are mostly procedurally generated, completely unique and with randomized stats. However, 356 custom-made melee weapons[1] can be found in the game.

Ranged weapons generate with various stats such as magazine size, reload time, rate of fire, utility functionality (for example flashlights), and more exotic modifiers like branching or bouncing shots.

Found weapons can be of any rarity from common to very rare, which in turn affects which modifiers are possible. [2]

Comparatively little information has been released about the stats and modifiers that are possible on melee weapons.

Weapons do not currently have a chance of being crafted with modifiers.

Each tier of weapon is based on a primary ore, there are 10 tiers. Each race has a unique set of 6 weapons per tier, accounting for 360 ore based weapons.

The amount of possible weapons in the game has not been calculated, but when ignoring the stats such as DPS, damage per swing, and swing speed there are over 1,000,000 possibilities using the data available.


Ranged Weapons

Gun Firing.gif
Guns and Bows are ranged weapons that consume the player's energy bar when fired.[3] Although different guns have different ammo types, they do not require ammunition as of the current BETA. Throwing weapons do not consume energy, but are removed from inventory when thrown.

The easiest way to obtain a gun is to find an Avian Airship with a gun merchant on it. An anchor on the ground below the ship makes them easy to find. They can also be found in chests or dropped by guards.

One Handed

Type Examples Description
Pistols Pistol Icon.gif Pistol

Revolver 2 Icon.png Revolver
Bone Pistol Icon.png Bone Pistol

Pistols are generally medium damage weapons with a decent fire rate as well. Energy shouldn't become too much of an issue with pistols, and - like with their one-handed counterparts - they can be dual-wielded or used with a shield, thus making them very useful in combat.
Machine Pistols Machine Pistol Icon.gif Machine Pistol
Machine Pistols generally have a lower damage per shot than a regular pistol but in exchange for a much faster fire rate. It can also be dual-wielded or used in conjunction with a shield so it is pure preference whether someone uses a Machine Pistol or a regular Pistol.

Two Handed

Type Examples Description
Assault Rifles Assault Rifle Icon.gif Assault Rifle

Bone Rifle Icon.png Bone Rifle

Assault rifles are fast firing two-handed weapons. Each shot will deal medium to low amounts of damage depending on the fire rate. Generally the lower the firing rate on an Assault Rifle, the higher the damage. Assault rifles are a more powerful version of the Machine Pistol, however take away the ability to dual-wield or use a shield in conjunction.
Bows Hunting Bow Icon.png Hunting Bow

Iron Hunting Bow Icon.png Iron Hunting Bow
Steel Hunting Bow Icon.png Steel Hunting Bow
Titanium Hunting Bow Icon.png Titanium Hunting Bow
Heartstring Bow Icon.png Heartstring Bow
Cupid's Bow Icon.png Cupid's Bow

Bows are one of the two hunting weapons available in Starbound. If an enemy is killed with a bow they will either drop Raw Alien Meat or Leather. The material the bow is made out of determines its damage output. Bows require you to hold down the left-mouse button to charge, once fully charged a the bow will turn white for a split second. If the left-mouse button is released during that time, the bow will deal extra damage.
Elemental Weapons Ice Chucker Icon.png Ice Chucker
Elemental weapons are special weapons obtained from mini-bosses or chests. They have a range of special effects that can be beneficial in combat.
Flamethrowers Flamethrower Icon.png Flamethrower
Flamethrowers fire streams of fire that damages and applies a burning status effect to enemies.
Rocket Launchers Rocket Launcher Rocket launchers fire a rocket that flies forward and explodes on contact, dealing damage to enemies and damaging the terrain where it hits. The rocket can kill friendlies, so be careful when using it.
Grenade Launchers Grenade Launcher

Floran Grenade Launcher Icon.png Floran Grenade Launcher

Grenade Launchers act just like Rocket Launchers. However, the projectile will be affected by gravity and will fall in an arc. The projectile acts just like a rocket from a Rocket Launcher.
Sniper Rifles Sniper Rifle Sniper Rifles are high damage, low fire rate projectile weapons. They generally consume small amounts of energy. The damage of a Sniper Rifle is also dependent on the fire rate, so a Sniper Rifle with a higher firing rate should have a lower damage output than its slower firing counterparts.
Shotguns Shotgun

Bone Shotgun Icon.png Bone Shotgun

Shotguns are high energy use weapons that shoot multiple projectiles at once. These weapons use up energy quickly; however, they can damage a target severely at close range, or a group of targets. Shotguns with fast fire rates are generally not desirable, as they will deplete energy extremely quickly. Shotguns are useful for shooting down flying targets.

Special Weapons

These guns, which are not found normally in chests, can be found from rare drops by specific NPC enemies in game. The range of stats depend on the weapon type.

Uzi Icon.png Uzi
Dropped by USCM Penal Colony Inmates, these 1-handed machine guns are generated with normal bullet types only and feature low damage, low cost, and extremely high rate of fire stats.
Human Machine Gun Dropped by USCM Personnel in the underground USCM bunkers, these 2 handed weapons feature low cost, low damage and extremely high rates of fire, giving a massive overall DPS stat. Uses normal bullets.
Avian Blaster Icon.png Avian Blaster
Two-handed machine guns dropped by Avian Temple Guards with high rates of fire, low damage, and low cost. Similar to the Uzi, though typically having a higher projectile cost and damage output, in exchange for being 2-handed. Uses normal bullets.
Floran Needler Icon.png Floran Needler
More information needed.
Crossbow Icon.png Crossbow
A special bow-weapon which fires arcing projectiles. Typically has a moderate-to-low rate of fire and moderate-to-high damage output with a relatively high energy cost. Dropped by Glitch Knights, Crossbows additionally have the hunting weapon property, and therefore cause wild animals killed to drop Leather and Meat. Uncommon variants exist with projectile modifications, such as flaming bolts.
Lightning Coil Icon.png Lightning Coil
Fires lightning bolts with a limited range. Extremely fast rate of fire. More info needed.
Pulse Rifle Icon.png Pulse Rifle
USCM Guard guns with a high rate of fire, low cost to fire, and moderate DPS output.
Bubblegun ico.PNG Bubblegun
Shoots a stream of bubbles. It can be found in Rainbow Chests.

Throwing Weapons

Throwing Weapons like bombs are consumables with their own damage output and effects. They range from AoE (Area of Effect) damage to burning enemies.

Bomb Icon.png Bomb
Bug Hive Icon.png Bug Hive
Burst of Energy Icon.png Burst of Energy
Electro-Grenade Icon.png Electro-Grenade
Energy Javelin Icon.png Energy Javelin
Gas Grenade Icon.png Gas Grenade
Hand Grenade Icon.png Hand Grenade
Javelin Icon.png Javelin
Molotov Icon.png Molotov
Plasma Grenade Icon.png Plasma Grenade
Phoenix Emblem Icon.png Phoenix Emblem
Shuriken Icon.png Shuriken
Snowball Icon.png Snowball
The Bouncer Icon.png The Bouncer
The Night Light Icon.png The Night Light
The Sprinter Icon.png The Sprinter
Throwing Axe Icon.png Throwing Axe
Throwing Block Icon.png Throwing Block
Throwing Boulder Icon.png Throwing Boulder
Throwing Dagger Icon.png Throwing Dagger
Throwing Dart Icon.png Throwing Dart
Throwing Knife Icon.png Throwing Knife
Throwing Kunaii Icon.png Throwing Kunaii
Throwing Needle Icon.png Throwing Needle
Throwing Spear Icon.png Throwing Spear
Throwing Star Icon.png Throwing Star

Melee Weapons

Two handed


Broadswords are two handed swords that have a large swing area. There are a variety of Legendary broadswords that have their own special effects.

Tiered Broadswords
Species Iron Bar Icon.png Tier 1 Steel Bar Icon.png Tier 2 Titanium Bar Icon.png Tier 3 Durasteel Bar Icon.png Tier 4 Aegisalt Bar Icon.png Tier 5 Ferozium Bar Icon.png Tier 6 Cerulium Bar Icon.png Tier 7 Violium Bar Icon.png Tier 8 Rubium Bar Icon.png Tier 9 Impervium Bar Icon.png Tier 10
Apex Icon.png Apex Apesticker The Backscratcher Big Apehander Haircutter Barbaryan Sword Twintails Ape Antics Howler Gorilldrill Gorillatooth
Avian Icon.png Avian The Carver XL The Skewer XL Wingdinger XL Eye of the Storm Wingwhacker Extreme Birdseye Two Wingclipper XL Pelican Opener Stargazer's Might Wing of Kluex
Floran Icon.png Floran Big Slicer Big Slicestabber Big Slicestabcut Big Nastyslice Big Bindslicer Big Gougeslicer Rosebud Prime Big Berryskewer Big Leafslasher The Slashening
Glitch Icon.png Glitch Default 2.0 Upgrade 2.0 Premium 2.0 Antivirus Defender Trojan Dataspike Hacker Bios Rootkit
Human Icon.png Human Regular Broadsword Cool Broadsword Awesome Broadsword The Overcompensator The Tuning Fork The Paddle Paddlemaster 5000 Treesplitter Moonkiller Bane of the Gods
Hylotl Icon.png Hylotl Swashbuckler Swishbuckler Katfish First Mate Lilyblade Scuttlefish Sharkslicer Cutlass Great White Trunkcutter

Special Broadswords

Starting Weapons

Starting Weapons are, so far, broadswords. Please read more about them at the respecting page.


Hammers are two handed weapons that have a large swing area. Hammers deal more damage than Broadswords and Axes however their swing rate is usually slower.

Tiered Hammers
Species Iron Bar Icon.png Tier 1 Steel Bar Icon.png Tier 2 Titanium Bar Icon.png Tier 3 Durasteel Bar Icon.png Tier 4 Aegisalt Bar Icon.png Tier 5 Ferozium Bar Icon.png Tier 6 Cerulium Bar Icon.png Tier 7 Violium Bar Icon.png Tier 8 Rubium Bar Icon.png Tier 9 Impervium Bar Icon.png Tier 10
Apex Icon.png Apex Thunderpunch Monkey's Molar The Riveter Gorillakilla Orangubang Toecrusher Big Ape's Lament King of the Dingers Lamb Shank Baboom
Avian Icon.png Avian Brick-on-a-Stick Brick-on-a-Stick Prime Stone-on-a-Stick Candy Crusher Divebomb The Creamer The Scrambler Master Hatcher Skullgrazer The Drumstick
Floran Icon.png Floran Smacker Thwacker Cracker Trunkthunk Rootripper Smashy Tree Curlycrush Rootrocker Riftwood Smash Everything
Glitch Icon.png Glitch Crunch Steelforger Safareach Flash Upswing Microchip Internal Explorer Bruteforce Lite Bruteforce Prime Chromedome iDoom
Human Icon.png Human Sledgehammer Claw Hammer Strengthtester Hammertime Double Hammertime Timesmasher Hobbyhammer Pumphammer Lifecrusher Timmy
Hylotl Icon.png Hylotl Rockstriker Coralcrusher Shellslammer Fishfighter The Pufferfish Wilson Sea Cucumber Cucumber Prime Crabcracker Plantpounder

Special Hammers


Axes are two handed weapons with a large swing area. They have a faster swing rate than Hammers but deal less damage.

Tiered Axes
Species Iron Bar Icon.png Tier 1 Steel Bar Icon.png Tier 2 Titanium Bar Icon.png Tier 3 Durasteel Bar Icon.png Tier 4 Aegisalt Bar Icon.png Tier 5 Ferozium Bar Icon.png Tier 6 Cerulium Bar Icon.png Tier 7 Violium Bar Icon.png Tier 8 Rubium Bar Icon.png Tier 9 Impervium Bar Icon.png Tier 10
Apex Icon.png Apex Apax Bananaxe The Peeler Apestooth The Coif Crescendo The Grinder Orangufang Miniknog Berserker Big Axe
Avian Icon.png Avian Tiny Tomahawk Tomahawk Hawkwing Dove of War Hawkbill The Poliwanta Cracker Birdbrainer The Poliwanta Cleankill Wingbone Sunborn Fury
Floran Icon.png Floran Choppy Thing Better Choppy Thing Choppy Leaves Chop Stick Treechopper Chopberry Chopflower Vine Bonechopper Chopatron 3000
Glitch Icon.png Glitch Ratchet Steelsplitter Smitanium Screwslicer Cogsmasher Battle Axe War Axe Perpetuum Domecutter Sentinel
Human Icon.png Human Iron Axe Ice Axe Vibro-axe Class Axe Climbing Axe Charitable Axe Opposing Force All-Purpose Axe The Wiggler iAxe
Hylotl Icon.png Hylotl Scythe Golden Scythe Finhacker Gillcutter Doublefin Coralchipper Fishing Hook The Propeller The Anchorer Vinehacker

Special Axes


Spears are two handed weapons that hit enemies directly in front of the player. They usually deal large amounts of damage to compensate for the very limited swing area.

Tiered Spears
Species Iron Bar Icon.png Tier 1 Steel Bar Icon.png Tier 2 Titanium Bar Icon.png Tier 3 Durasteel Bar Icon.png Tier 4 Aegisalt Bar Icon.png Tier 5 Ferozium Bar Icon.png Tier 6 Cerulium Bar Icon.png Tier 7 Violium Bar Icon.png Tier 8 Rubium Bar Icon.png Tier 9 Impervium Bar Icon.png Tier 10
Apex Icon.png Apex The Prodder Fruitpicker Fruitpicker Prime Tailcutter The Tickler See No Evil Hear No Evil Speak No Evil Lethal Injection King Wrong
Avian Icon.png Avian The Hatchling The Early Bird Migrator Swallowtail Bird in the Hand Last Action Heron The Roaster Duckbilled Splatypus Sunguard Will of Kluex
Floran Icon.png Floran Poker Pokerface Strippoker Stabber Backstabber Facestabber StabStabStab Stabberry Treeshredder Huntmaster
Glitch Icon.png Glitch Ping Nudge Poke Friend Request Privacy Settings Followback Spike This The Blocker Splitter Social Wetwork
Human Icon.png Human Basic Spear Spear Today Prong Tomorrow The Rhino Cattleprodder Cattlekiller Backstabber Headspiker The Menacer Alienbane
Hylotl Icon.png Hylotl Seastaff Seaslice Sandraker Sandstirrer Whaletroubler Whaleailer Whalekiller Trident Seaserpent The Pitchfork

Special Spears

One handed


Daggers are one handed fast swinging blades. They have a swing area limited to the direct area in front of the player.

Tiered Daggers
Species Iron Bar Icon.png Tier 1 Steel Bar Icon.png Tier 2 Titanium Bar Icon.png Tier 3 Durasteel Bar Icon.png Tier 4 Aegisalt Bar Icon.png Tier 5 Ferozium Bar Icon.png Tier 6 Cerulium Bar Icon.png Tier 7 Violium Bar Icon.png Tier 8 Rubium Bar Icon.png Tier 9 Impervium Bar Icon.png Tier 10
Apex Icon.png Apex Simisickle Barkpeeler Bananablade Banana Splitter Toothpick Fruitslicer The Comb Miniknog's Claw Liberation Ape's Ruin
Avian Icon.png Avian The Pecker The Nibbler Hookbeak Talon Wingtip The Plucker Fly By Knife Thornbill Lil Icarus Lil Daedalus
Floran Icon.png Floran Curvy Slice Hookslicer Sharpstick Fingercutter Planttrimmer Planttrimmer Prime Little Thorn Berrypicker Razorleaf Slashmaster
Glitch Icon.png Glitch Dagger Home Dagger Pro Dagger Premium dieOS Prunix Force Restart Spinux KitKut Operating System Windowcutter
Human Icon.png Human Shanker Fancy Shanker Swanky Shanker Switchblade Greengrip Zweifinger Small Fury Kneesplitter The Unsubtle Knife King's Ruin
Hylotl Icon.png Hylotl Littletooth Fishfang Goldfish Oysteriser Descaler Detailer Seaguard Dagger Shellslicer Stinger Rootcutter

Short Swords

Short Swords are one-handed blades that can be dual wielded or used in conjunction with a shield. When attacking with a shield, the shield will be raised so be sure to carefully time your attacks to block the enemies.

Tiered Shortswords
Species Iron Bar Icon.png Tier 1 Steel Bar Icon.png Tier 2 Titanium Bar Icon.png Tier 3 Durasteel Bar Icon.png Tier 4 Aegisalt Bar Icon.png Tier 5 Ferozium Bar Icon.png Tier 6 Cerulium Bar Icon.png Tier 7 Violium Bar Icon.png Tier 8 Rubium Bar Icon.png Tier 9 Impervium Bar Icon.png Tier 10
Apex Icon.png Apex Lil Apesticker The Neckscratcher Apehander Beardtrimmer Baby Barbaryan Tiny Twintails Monkey Business Shrieker Mandrill Chimp's Grin
Avian Icon.png Avian The Carver The Skewer Wingdinger Eye of the Needle Wingwhacker Birdseye Wingclipper Toucan Opener Stargazer's Light Crest of Kluex
Floran Icon.png Floran Slicer Slicestabber Slicestabcut Nastyslice Bindslicer Gougeslicer Rosebud Berryskewer Leafslasher The Cuttening
Glitch Icon.png Glitch Default 1.0 Upgrade 1.0 Premium 1.0 Antispyware Protector Malware Datablip Scriptkiddie Startup Rootkit Lite
Human Icon.png Human Regular Shortsword Cool Shortsword Awesome Shortsword The Compensator The Pitch Fork Mini-Paddle Paddlemaster 1000 Sapsplitter Moonchipper Annoyance of the Gods
Hylotl Icon.png Hylotl Swashbuckler Lite Swishbuckler Lite Kittfish Cabin Boy Lilyblade Lite Skittlefish Codslicer Cutless Small White Stemcutter

Special Short Swords

Special Weapons

As with guns, there is a relatively large selection of special melee weapons available dropped from NPCs, these may also have special properties.

Shiv Icon.png Shiv
One-handed knives, typically with a high swing speed. Dropped by USCM inmates.
Nightstick Icon.png Nightstick
One-handed clubs dropped by USCM guards.
Floran Mace Icon.png Floran Mace

Glitch Large Mace Icon.png Glitch Large Mace
Glitch Small Mace Icon.png Glitch Small Mace

Two-handed spiked clubs and maces.
Floran Prod Icon.png Floran Prod
Two-handed electric prods dropped by Floran guards. These have an extended lightning bolt range (not to be confused with the elemental lightning orb).
Steel Chair Weapon Icon.png Steel Chair (Weapon)
An improvised two-handed melee weapon dropped by USCM inmates. Hits hard, but swings slow.
Frying Pan Icon.png Frying Pan
More information needed.
Bone Saw More information needed.
Mushroom Sword Icon.png Mushroom Sword
One-handed short swords, occasionally appear in chests mushrooms, always have a special effect (fire, electrical or poison)
Candy Cane Icon.png Candy Cane
More information needed.

Weapon Rarities

Like all other items in game, melee weapons drop with different rarities.


Common weapons are the most frequently found and include a vast array of randomly generated weapon types and stats. Additionally, some common weapons, dropped from specific NPCs, may have weapon-specific abilities, such as the Floran Prod (which fires an extended lightning bolt when used and is dropped rarely by Floran Prison Guards).


Uncommon weapons make up the bulk of the remaining weapons in the game, and in addition to the broad selection of types and stats are additionally generated with a random elemental ability. Abilities found on Uncommon weapons include:

Fire - Applies burning status to enemies hit (also causes the weapon to light dark areas when swung or shot).

Lightning - Fires an electric orb from the tip of the weapon which does additional damage (orb damage is based on the weapon damage).

Poison - Applies the poison status to enemies hit.

NOTE: Two handed weapons are generated with two elemental abilities (which may be the same or different as the one listed on the weapon). The normal attack (default mouse 1) uses the listed element, while the secondary attack (default mouse 2) uses the alternate element.

Racial weapons also fall under the uncommon category, though these weapons are not generated with elements and typically are only available through crafting.

Under beta v.Enraged Koala, guns can be bought from an Agaran NPC that resides in the storage caves in Agaran villages.


Legendary weapons are the most difficult to obtain of the melee weapons, and rather than being generated completely at random are generated with random stats only. The effects and appearance of these weapons are typically constant. Legendary melee weapon effects are dependent on the weapon and are unique to that weapon. For example, all Water Swords and their variants will have the Bubble Shot effect.


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