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Note: this page is outdated, .sword files were changed to .activeitem files --😺 (talk) 23:00, 1 May 2017 (BST)

"itemName" The itemname used in interlinking and spawning
"level" The weapon-level, determines the strength of the sword (see also: levelingmultipliers)
"dropCollision" An array of collider-points that's used when the weapon is dropped
"maxStack" The maximum of items that one stack can contain
"rarity" Defines the rarity of the item (influences the border color and sometimes the multiplier). Possible values: "common", "uncommon", "rare", "legendary"
"description" The description of the item as found in the items tooltip
"shrotdescription" The actual name of the item as shown ingame
"tooltipKind" The kind of tooltip, influences the tooltip-style (only "sword" is ever used in .sword files)
"weaponType" Defines the weapon type (Axes use "Axe", Broadswords use "Broadsword" and so on)
"image" Relative path to the weapons image file (.png)
"firePosition" Defines where the muzzle-effect is played relative to the frames PZ.
"fireTime" Time value that affects attack speed (not "how fast it's fired" but "how long does it take to fire"!)
"fireAfterWindup" [Guess] Faster attacks after the windup stance if set to true
"soundEffect" Absolute path to the soundfile that's played when attacking (usual usage: { "fireSound" : [ {"file" : "/sfx/xx/xx/xx.wav"}]} )
"colorOptions" Hex-directive replacement (Usual syntax: "ffca8a" : "b5b5b5" = "Where hex-value ffca8a, replace with hex-value b5b5b5")
"primaryStances" The class for primary-stance functions
"directional" Used to give / take the possibility of attacking in directional patterns. false = only linear, true = can hit in any direction
"projectileType" Defines the projectile used for the sword, defined and set-up in the .projectile files
"projectile" class to change the projectiles parameters
"speed" Defines how fast the projectile is
"power" Defines how strong the projectile is
"idle" The class for idle-state functions
"twoHanded" Defines if the weapon is held with two hands or not (during stances)
"armAngle" Used to adjust weapons placement while held
"swordAngle" Used to adjust weapons placement while held
"handPosition" Used to adjust weapons placement while held
"duration" The duration it takes for the weapon to enter (or to leave?) the current state on action
"windup" The class for windup-state functions
"statusEffects" Used to add certain statusEffects for specific stances, always an array
"cooldown" The class for cooldown-state functions
"parryBlockCooldown" The cooldown length that kicks in after a parry
"parrySound" Absolute path to the soundfile used while parrying
"parryParticle" Defines which particles are emitted during a successful parry (.particles file)
"altStances" This is the class for alternative stances, usually used for parry in the case of swords
"type" Defines the actual type of the altStance.
"rescaleTiming" [Needs more info] I don't actually have a clue for this, but it's always set to "false" for swords
"parryPoly" The collider-array that's applied to the weapon while parrying
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