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There are 6 artifacts, one for each player races, except for Novakid. You obtain the artifacts from the quests

-"Fetch the Floran Artifact",

-"Fetch the Hylotl Artifact",

-"Fetch the Avian Artifact",

-"Fetch the Apex Artifact",

-"Fetch the Glitch Artifact.

"They are used to open the Monolith Gate and are important story objects. You never actually possess the Artifacts as an item, and you automatically insert them into the Monolith Gate upon arrival.

The artifacts are respectively named, The Bone Trophy (Floran), The Mirror of Wisdom (Hylotl), the Wheel of Kluex (Avian), the Genesis Coil (Apex), the Royal Medallion (Glitch), and the Master Manipulator (Human).