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Wiki Page Apex Lantern

File Details

File Name apexfightlantern.object
File Path assets\objects\mission\apexfightlantern
inventoryIcon apexfightlanternicon.png
Sound Effect /sfx/objects/fluorescent_light_quiet.ogg

Data Values

Key Value

objectName apexfightlantern
rarity Common
category light
price 45
race generic
printable False

description These electric lanterns generate a pleasantly warm light
shortdescription Apex Lantern
apexDescription A small but effective lantern.
avianDescription An electric lantern with a simple design.
floranDescription Shiny device for lighting Floran's path.
glitchDescription Appreciative. These lights are splendid.
humanDescription A bright light source. I probably shouldn't stare into it.
hylotlDescription An encouraging shimmer that reminds me of bright days.
novakidDescription It's an electric lantern so it won't run out of juice.
tags apex, light