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Article Page

Wiki Page Great Banana Lock Statue

File Details

File Name apexstatue3.object
File Path assets\objects\apex\apexstatue3
inventoryIcon apexstatue3icon.png

Data Values

Key Value

objectName apexstatue3
rarity Common
category wire
price 140
race apex
description All Hail the Great Banana! The sacred fruit!
shortdescription Great Banana Lock Statue
apexDescription There's a mark on the statue. It looks as if it can be pressed in.
avianDescription There is something odd about this statue.
floranDescription Sssneaky technology.
glitchDescription Investigative. There is a device of some kind hidden in this statue.
humanDescription The button in this statue isn't very well hidden.
hylotlDescription A poor attempt at subterfuge.
novakidDescription Is that a button? Discreet.
tags apex, apexmansion, pretty, valuable, wired, odd