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File Name avianmission2.codex
File Path assets\codex\missions\avian mission
icon avianmission3.png

Data Values

Key Value

itemConfig Price: 25

Rarity: common

description A written record of the creed of the Great Sovereign Temple.
title The Gift
contentPages My name is Papan, the last Stargazer of the Great Sovereign Temple. I leave tomorrow and commend the Temple to its ancient guards, and to a trustworthy caretaker. I write these words for posterity, as they will no longer be passed on beak to beak, Stargazer to Stargazer: "This temple was built to house The Gift. An item of great wonder handed to us by Kluex; our great and heavenly god, who created the all.", "He gave us this Gift at the dawn of the universe, so that its power would make his people strong. It will remain here, it will remain safe, it will remain their god, Kluex? I could almost believe it, here in the darkness. Maybe it is his avatar. I will leave it to slumber.