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File Details

File Name aviantechstationTier0.object
File Path assets\objects\ship\aviantechstationTier0
inventoryIcon aviantechstationTier0icon.png

Data Values

Key Value

objectName aviantechstationTier0
rarity Common
category decorative
race avian
printable False
flickerDistance 1.0
flickerStrength 0.05
flickerTiming 8

description Ship-based Artificial Intelligence Lattice, or S.A.I.L for short.
shortdescription S.A.I.L
apexDescription When it's working, I can talk to SAIL through this console.
avianDescription Rebooting this station should enable me to talk to SAIL.
floranDescription Floran fix thisss panel to wake ship up!
glitchDescription Distressed. I first need to reboot this station to communicate with SAIL.
humanDescription If I can reboot this station SAIL should come back online!
hylotlDescription This console will allow me to communicate with SAIL. I need to reboot it first.
novakidDescription Time to reboot this station so I can talk to SAIL.
tags avian