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File Details

File Name avianteleporter.object
File Path assets/objects/ship/avianteleporterdecorative
inventoryIcon teleportericon.png

Data Values

Key Value

objectName avianteleporterdecorative
rarity Common
category light
race avian
printable False
flickerDistance 0.2
flickerStrength 0.05
flickerTiming 4

description A teleporter of Avian design! Pity this one won't work for me.
shortdescription Unusable Teleporter
apexDescription It appears this teleporter is hard-coded to only work for specific people.
avianDescription This is just like the teleporter on my ship, but it looks like this one's been locked.
floranDescription Teleport not work for Floran.
glitchDescription Analysis. This teleporter will not function for anyone other than the intended user.
humanDescription Rats, it looks like this teleporter won't work for me. I wonder where it leads.
hylotlDescription Locked. It doesn't look like I'll be using this teleporter anytime soon.
tags avian