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Wiki Page Eye Scanner

File Details

File Name bunkereyescanner.object
File Path assets\objects\human\bunkereyescanner
inventoryIcon bunkereyescannericon.png

Data Values

Key Value

objectName bunkereyescanner
rarity Common
category wire
price 90
race human

description A device to scan eyeballs and match them to personnel data.
shortdescription Eye Scanner
apexDescription An eye scanner. It doesn't seem to recognise Apex eyeballs.
avianDescription A device for scanning human eyeballs. But for what purpose?
floranDescription Machine wants to ssscan eyes. Floran refussse!
glitchDescription Thoughtful. With the correct calibration, this scanner could be tricked by a Glitch eye.
humanDescription An eye scanner. Someone's rubbed ink around the eye piece. Oh, you jokers.
hylotlDescription An eye scanner. Such devices are awkward for Hylotl. Our heads are not the right shape.
novakidDescription An eye scanner? Ain't sure what I'm supposed to do with it.
tags human, humanbunker, electronic, wired