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File Name castleking02.codex
File Path assets\codex\optionalbosses
icon glitchcastlebook_02.png

Data Values

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itemConfig Price: 25

Rarity: common

description A Glitch folk tale.
title The Would-Be King Part 2
contentPages The new Glitch king called himself Dreadwing, and ruled with an iron fist; his subjects were expected to work day and night. This soon took a toll on their circuitry, and wreaked havoc with their joints.

To Dreadwing's fury, these issues did not resolve themselves, and in his anger, he demanded the construction of more Glitch to boost his ranks. The Glitch were uncomfortable with this. Having children is, after all, a big life decision., For as long as they could, they put off this task and tried to appease their king in other ways, until one day Dreadwing descended into a fit of such ferocious rage that the Glitch knew they could stall no longer.