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Wiki Page Large Primitive Table

File Details

File Name floranbonetable1.object
File Path assets\objects\floran\floranbonetable1
inventoryIcon floranbonetable1icon.png

Data Values

Key Value

objectName floranbonetable1
rarity Common
category furniture
price 105
race floran
description This entire table appears to have been carved from a single, enormous bone.
shortdescription Large Primitive Table
apexDescription A table made of bones. The hygiene standard here is questionable.
avianDescription The Floran have peculiar taste in tables.
floranDescription Sssometimes, if Floran run out of food, Floran eat table.
glitchDescription Surprised. This table appears to have been heat treated kill bacteria.
humanDescription This bone table is smooth and cold.
hylotlDescription To eat at such a table would turn my stomach.
novakidDescription I ain't a fan of bone furniture, but it seems sturdy enough.
tags floran, floranvillage, commerce