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Wiki Page Fossil Station

File Details

File Name fossilstation.object
File Path assets\objects\crafting\fossilstation
inventoryIcon fossilstationicon.png

Data Values

Key Value

objectName fossilstation
rarity Rare
category crafting
price 750
race generic
printable False
description Used to make fossil excavation tools and display cases.
shortdescription ^orange;Fossil Station^white;
apexDescription I can make fossil excavation tools here.
avianDescription A crafting station where I can make fossil hunting tools.
floranDescription Floran is curiousss about fosssil rockss. Here Floran can make tools to find fosssils!
glitchDescription Amazed. For the crafting of tools to identify fossils. I can't wait to use it.
humanDescription Fossil restoration tools are cool. Let's learn about the history of these worlds!
hylotlDescription For making fossil cleaning apparatus, to peer into the past.
novakidDescription I don't know much about things of the past. But maybe I could learn with these tools.
tags crafting

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