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File Name protectorate1.codex
File Path assets\codex\default
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itemConfig Price: 25

Rarity: common

description This book has been provided to offer some useful advice for newly graduated Protectors.
title Terrene Protectorate Field Guide
contentPages Welcome, new Protector!

The first thing we would like to say is 'do not panic' - you have trained for this position for years, and you would not have graduated if you did not earn the distinction of doing so. Handy hints to help you keep your head: - Your comanding officer is not just there to issue orders, but also to guide and support you. Utilise this support and you will quickly find your feet., - Do not worry about being left on your ship alone, this will not happen at any time. There will always be at least three crew members aboard so that you can aid and assist one another. - Every ship is equipped with a SAIL. As you will be aware, the AI is a useful source of information, especially when tempered by the reassurance of your crew mates. - NEVER BEAM DOWN TO A PLANET YOU DO NOT RECOGNISE., - Always equip yourself for the climate and threat level of the planet you will be visiting. You will be briefed by your captain before you leave the ship and will be able to discuss concerns, should you have any, about the new environment. Though you will be issued with all the necessary equipment remember: there are always untold dangers. - Always wear your Terrene Protectorate issued uniform, this will allow anyone you meet to identify you as a member of the Protectorate., - Help others in need. Try your best to defend the innocent where possible, but do not engage in combat above your level. Call for back-up when you need it. And remember, graduate - wherever you may go, you will always have Earth to come home to.