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Wiki Page Rail Crafting Table

File Details

File Name railcraftingtable.object
File Path assets\objects\crafting\railcraftingtable
inventoryIcon railcraftingtableicon.png

Data Values

Key Value

objectName railcraftingtable
rarity Legendary
category crafting
price 1250
race generic
printable False

description Used to produce rails, rail riding items and related objects.
shortdescription ^orange;Rail Crafting Table^white;
apexDescription I can use this station to construct rails for easy transport.
avianDescription This table will allow me to build rails which I can travel on.
floranDescription Thiss table makes shiny rails for quick travel.
glitchDescription Delighted. The rails crafted here will make movement much more efficient.
humanDescription I can craft rails here! Perfect for getting around. And around, and around.
hylotlDescription The rails I can construct here may be primitive, but their efficiency can't be questioned.
novakidDescription Ridin' the rails - still works as good as it ever did for gettin' around.
tags crafting

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