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Wiki Page EASEL

File Details

File Name signstore.object
File Path assets\objects\outpost\signstore
inventoryIcon signstoreright.png:default

Data Values

Key Value

objectName signstore
rarity Common
category decorative
race generic
printable False
description The Elegantly Automatic Sign Engineering Lithographer.
shortdescription EASEL
apexDescription I can print all kinds of signs here.
avianDescription It's a place I can make and print signs.
floranDescription How many words is too many wordss? Three. Three wordsss.
glitchDescription Astounded. Gutenbergbot would be entranced by this contraption.
humanDescription I can craft specialised signs here!
hylotlDescription Signs to inform and enlighten.
novakidDescription I could make all kinda signs if I wasn't so busy adventurin'.
tags outpost, commerce