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Wiki Page Carved Door

File Details

File Name tribaldoor.object
File Path assets\objects\avian\tribaldoor
inventoryIcon tribaldooricon.png
Large Image tribaldoor.png:right

Data Values

Key Value

objectName tribaldoor
rarity Common
category door
price 95
race avian
description A beautifully carved door.
shortdescription Carved Door
tooltipKind door
apexDescription A bird above a round-faced creature.
avianDescription The images on this door extend friendship to those from other worlds. My home is your home.
floranDescription Bird lay egg with face.
glitchDescription Educated. This door symbolises who may and may not enter.
humanDescription That's a spooky face on the bottom.
hylotlDescription What creature is this depicted here?
novakidDescription A door with pictures on it. What's it tryin' to say?
tags avian, avianvillage, door