Desert Set

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Desert Set
Desert Set.png
Power Multiplier Stat.png     0%
Protection Stat.png     0
Max Energy Stat.png     0
Max Health Stat.png     0
Pixels-Sell.png 0

Desert Set is a costume armor set found in desert biomes.

Set Pieces

Desert Head Scarf Icon.png
Desert Head Scarf
Desert Head Scarf.png
For those who want to brave the elements without fear.
Rare Pixels-Sell.png 2500
Desert Cloak Icon.png
Desert Cloak
Desert Cloak.png
A layered guise for those willing to brave the unknown.
Rare Pixels-Sell.png 2500
Desert Trousers Icon.png
Desert Trousers
Desert Trousers.png
You'll be able to stay fresh and breezy in these flattering trousers.
Rare Pixels-Sell.png 2500