Easily Spooked

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Easily Spooked is one of 14 personality types which an NPC can have. NPCs with this personality type are superstitious and easily scared. In addition, they wake up from their sleep before the break of dawn (specifically, at time 0.9, where 0.0 is dawn and 0.5 is dusk).

Special Reactions

Easily Spooked NPCs gain the following reactions (see Personality for the defaults which are overridden by this personality's reactions):

  • Spontaneous: Panic
  • Has Quest: Panic
  • Near Player: Flee (~16.7%) or Quit (~83.3%)
  • Videogame Complete: Panic
  • Gong Complete: Panic
  • Drum Complete: Panic
  • Music: Panic
  • Music Finished: Flee or Panic
  • Cry: Panic
  • Panic: Panic (~83.3%) or Flee (~16.7%)
  • Schadenfreude: Panic (30%), Cry (30%), Flee (20%) or Go Home (20%)
  • Vomit: Panic or Flee
  • Nosebleed: Panic (~76.9%) or Flee (~23.1%)
  • Follow: Flee
  • Creepy Follow: Flee
  • Default: Panic

In addition, Easily Spooked NPCs can use Panic or Flee after any other reaction; however, Panic is much more likely to occur than Flee.

Special Status Messages

In addition to generic status messages, Easily Spooked NPCs may decide to use the following status messages:

Easily Spooked Status Messages

  • Has a bad feeling about this
  • Picturing scary skeletons
  • Feeling watched
  • Concerned the dead might be rising
  • Feeling on edge
  • Feeling acutely aware of strange noises
  • Feeling spooked
  • Just heard something... Probably
  • Just wet themselves a little bit
  • Counting their phobias
  • Convinced something is hunting them
  • Feeling panicked
  • Considering learning a martial art
  • Jumping at their own shadow
  • Wrestling with anxiety
  • Feeling fearful
  • Feeling terrified
  • Feeling afraid of monsters
  • Praying for protection
  • Feeling helpless
  • Trying to keep their phobias in check
  • Wide eyed
  • Feeling tense
  • Feeling jumpy
  • Thinks something bad is about to happen
  • Concerned about their blood pressure
  • Checking to ensure they're armed
  • Doesn't want to be alone
  • Fearful for their safety
  • Losing their marbles
  • Wondering what's out there
  • Ready to attack