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Unique Monster
"Iguarmor is not an aggressive species but the spikes on its tail can deal great damage."
Collection # 12
Base Health 70 HP
Base Damage 9 HP
Capturable Yes
Found In Desert Biome
Underground 1b
Poison Vaults
Unique Drops Hardened Carapace (20%)
Figurine (0.1%)

Iguarmors are a unique monster found in desert biomes and Wilderness underground biomes. They are also found in underground layer 1b and poison Ancient Vaults.

Iguarmors crawl along floors, walls and ceilings toward the player. When attacked, they lower their spiked tail onto the rest of their body, greatly reducing the damage they take until they raise it off their body again.

This monster has a weakness (+50% damage taken) to Ice damage and a resistance (-50% damage taken) to Electric damage. Additionally, it cannot be inflicted with Electrified.