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Mining is an object tag associated with mining themed objects and furniture. There are no tenants associated with this object tag.


Object Category Blocks Description Tags
Falling Rocks Sign Icon.png Falling Rocks Sign Decorative A warning sign showing falling rocks. humanlunarbasemining
Miner's Door Icon.png Miner's Door Door An industrial-looking metal door. humanlunarbasedoormining
Mining Chest Icon.png Mining Chest Storage Perfect for storing tools and equipment in! humanlunarbasemechanicalstoragemining
Mining Conveyer Belt Icon.png Mining Conveyer Belt Decorative A machine used to move large amounts of mined material. humanlunarbasemechanicalmining
Mining Hatch Icon.png Mining Hatch Door A vertical hatch doorway. humanlunarbasedoormining
Mining Hazard Sign Icon.png Mining Hazard Sign Decorative A metal sign that says "HAZARD! humanlunarbasemining
Mining Impact Crusher Icon.png Mining Impact Crusher Decorative A machine used for breaking down rocks. humanlunarbasemechanicalmining
Mining Railing Icon.png Mining Railing Decorative A metal fence with red and black warning stripes. humanlunarbasemining
Mining Skip Icon.png Mining Skip Decorative A large metal Skip full of rubble. humanlunarbasestoragemining
Mining Supplies Crate Icon.png Mining Supplies Crate Storage An old crate of Mining supplies - For every budding Miner! miningstorage
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