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"frameGrid" Defines the size of the read png and single frames in it
"size" Sets the read size of the whole image (Format: [Y, X])
"dimensions" Defines how big a single sprite is (Format: [Y, X])
"names" Sets names for animations, later used in animation functions (Example: [null, "talk.0", "talk.1", null, "yell.0", "yell.1"] -- First dimension skipped, due to null. Second dimension defined as "talk.0". Third dimension defined as "talk.1". Fourth dimension skipped, due to null).
"aliases" Defines aliases for frame names, usage "run.0" = "walk.1" (whenever "run.0" is called, use "walk.1")

Note: Spritesheets are always read vertical, use a comma after the first array to tell him -start a new line-