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There are many image editors for you to choose from. Photoshop is a popular program, but is very expensive and contains many features not necessary for doing pixel art.

Here are other options for you to consider, either free or relatively inexpensive:




  • Seashore, based on GIMP but with a simplified UI/toolset
  • Paintbrush, a simple free editor well tuned for smaller scale images such as starbound assest
  • Pixen ($9.99, but designed specifically for pixel/8-bit art)
  • Piskel a nice software to make your own pixel based item sprites
  • Pyxel Edit (in beta, currently $9)


  • GIMP [free, open source] (Available thru apt)
  • Krita[free, open source] A powerful and free digital drawing/painting program, but with feature support for pixel art.
  • Kolourpaint [free, opensource] Simple and basic image editing software similar to MSPaint (Available thru apt)

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