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Key Value Pairs

Key Value Type Value Subtype Description Valid Values
itemName String Name used by other
description String The description of the item
shortdescription String The name shown in game
rarity String Rarity of the item
effects Array Item effects
fuelAmount Integer Amount of fuel the item gives
learnBlueprintsOnPickup Array
florandescription String Description for the floran race
glitchdescription String Description for the glitch race
inventoryIcon String The icon representing the item


       "florandescription" : "String",
       "itemName" : "String",
       "glitchdescription" : "String",
       "description" : "String",
       "inventoryIcon" : "String",
       "rarity" : "String",
       "effects" : "Array<Array<Object>>",
       "fuelAmount" : "Integer",
       "shortdescription" : "String",
       "learnBlueprintsOnPickup" : "Array<String>"