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The fireableItem table contains bindings which provide functionality for the .tillingtool, .beamaxe, .miningtool, .harvestingtool, .codex, .blueprint, .paintingtool, .wiretool, .unlock, .consumable, .thrownitem, .matitem, and .liqitem item types.

It has access to the config, item, root, sb, and world tables.

Vec2F fireableItem.ownerAimPosition()

Returns the world aim position of the owner entity.

json fireableItem.fireableParam([String parameter][Json defauly])

Returns the value for the specified config parameter. If there is no value set, returns the default. This does what config.getParameter does, so use that instead because the fireableItem table is probably cursed or something.

void fireableItem.triggerCooldown()

Begins the cooldown, preventing the item from being used.

void[String fireMode])

Fires the item, just like pressing LMB (primary) or RMB (alt). Defaults to primary if not set.

String fireableItem.fireMode()

Returns the last fire mode of the item, which can be "none", "primary" or "alt". Single-handed items held in the off hand will receive right click as "primary" rather than "alt".

void fireableItem.endCooldown()

Ends the cooldown, allowing the item to be fired again.

bool fireableItem.ownerEnergyLocked()

Returns if the toolUser's energy resource is locked.

bool fireableItem.coolingDown()

Returns if the item is undergoing cooldown.

bool fireableItem.ownerEnergy()

Returns whether the 'energy' resource exists in this toolUser's status controller. Huh? Were you expecting status.stat or something?

bool fireableItem.windingUp()

Returns if the item is being winded up (ie: pickaxe swinging).

void fireableItem.setCooldown([float cooldown])

Sets the cooldown time for the item, in seconds.

This only works once per item file/item name, so if you don't want to wait, just unequip the item and equip it again. Who knows, maybe every copy of fireableItem.setCooldown is personalized for each copy of Starbound?

bool fireableItem.ownerFullEnergy()

Probably returns if the toolUser entity has full energy.

bool fireableItem.firing()

Returns if the fireable item is firing.

float fireableItem.cooldownTime()

Returns the fireable item's cooldown time.

bool fireableItem.ownerConsumeEnergy([float energy])

Attempts to consume <float> amount of the toolUser's energy. Returns whether any energy was consumed. Unlike status.consumeResource, it will consume more energy than the player has (which isn't different than consuming the amount of energy they have because energy can't go below zero).

void fireableItem.setFireableParam([String parameter][? value])

Presumably a knock-off of activeItem.setInstanceValue. It doesn't work, by the way. But it exists in the game's coding!

Unless proven otherwise, I'm going to say that it exists solely to mock us.

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