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The projectile table contains bindings specific to projectiles which are available in addition to their common tables.

Json projectile.getParameter(String parameter, Json default)

Returns the value for the specified config parameter. If there is no value set, returns the default.

void projectile.die()

Destroys the projectile.

EntityId projectile.sourceEntity()

Returns the entity id of the projectile's source entity, or nil if no source entity is set.

float projectile.powerMultiplier()

Returns the projectile's power multiplier.

float projectile.power()

Returns the projectile's power (damage).

void projectile.setPower(float power)

Sets the projectile's power (damage).

float projectile.timeToLive()

Returns the projectile's current remaining time to live.

void projectile.setTimeToLive(float timeToLive)

Sets the projectile's current remaining time to live. Altering the time to live may cause visual disparity between the projectile's master and slave entities.

bool projectile.collision()

Returns true if the projectile has collided and false otherwise.

void projectile.processAction(Json action)

Immediately performs the specified action. Action should be specified in a format identical to a single entry in e.g. actionOnReap in the projectile's configuration. This function will not properly perform rendering actions as they will not be networked.

void projectile.setReferenceVelocity(Maybe<Vec2F> velocity)

Sets the projectile's reference velocity (a base velocity to which movement is relative)

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