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The tech table contains functions exclusively available in tech scripts.

Vec2F tech.aimPosition()

Returns the current cursor aim position.

void tech.setVisible(bool visible)

Sets whether the tech should be visible.

void tech.setParentState(String state)

Set the animation state of the player.

Valid states:

  • "Stand"
  • "Fly"
  • "Fall"
  • "Sit"
  • "Lay"
  • "Duck"
  • "Walk"
  • "Run"
  • "Swim"

void tech.setParentDirectives(String directives)

Sets the image processing directives for the player.

void tech.setParentHidden(bool hidden)

Sets whether to make the player invisible. Will still show the tech.

void tech.setParentOffset(Vec2F offset)

Sets the position of the player relative to the tech.

bool tech.parentLounging()

Returns whether the player is lounging.

void tech.setToolUsageSuppressed(bool suppressed)

Sets whether to suppress tool usage on the player. When tool usage is suppressed no items can be used.

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