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/spawnitem is an admin command that spawns all items in the Starbound Universe (Items, Weapons, Guns, Armor, etc). You can now use this command as the Universal Spawner for all your item needs. In addition to this, the command will take paramters for items you wish to spawn. Each item type requires different parameters, which are later stored in your player profile rather than the game's actual asset! With this, you can spawn in godly items and transfer them over to another player through any universe as long as it doesn't use modded properties from external modifications! You can also spawn crazy weapons, like a rocket launcher that shoots meteors! (guide to spawn weapons here)

Spawning Armor

Spawning armors can be as easy as the command below. You can add specific attributes to increase the power of items.

Usage: /spawnitem <armor> <amount> ['parameters']
Example: /spawnitem novatier6shead 1


If you wish to provide even more detail to the item you spawn, even by spawning special stats on it you can do so with parameters. Parameters must be enclosed within "".

Example: /spawnitem novatier6shead 1 '{"statusEffects":[{"stat":"powerMultiplier","baseMultiplier":1.1},{"stat":"protection","amount":10},{"stat":"maxEnergy","amount":10},{"stat":"maxHealth","amount":10}]}'

The command above adds additional effects to the item ontop of the default stats. There is currently no way to prevent the default stats from existing, which causes the item on the UI to look messed up. Requires update on this matter, should anyone figure it out.

Add Augment to Item

If you wish to add an Augment slot to the item you are spawning, just put the following in the parameters. NOTE: Items that default do not have a definition for an Augment will not display the UI for it, however, can still obtain the Augment the same way the EPP can.

Example: /spawnitem novatier6shead 1 '{"acceptsAugmentType" : "back"}'

Spawning Examples

Here is an example of a the Cooling EPP Upgrade with stats on it. Type: Cooling EPP Upgrads Stats: +20% Damage, +5% Defense, +20 Energy, +20 Health

Example: /spawnitem heatprotectionback 1 '{"statusEffects":[{"stat":"powerMultiplier","baseMultiplier":1.2},{"stat":"protection","amount":5},{"stat":"maxEnergy","amount":20},{"stat":"maxHealth","amount":20},{"stat" : "biomeheatImmunity","amount" : 1.0 },{"stat" : "biomecoldImmunity","amount" : 1.0 },{ "stat" : "biomeradiationImmunity","amount" : 1.0 }, { "stat" : "breathProtection", "amount" : 1.0 }]}'