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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

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A list of all pages that have property "Has Novakid quote" with value "Sleepin' in this bed makes me feel like a science experiment.". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Jupiter Model  + (I've seen bigger.)
  • Island Cabinet  + (If that tree were a little bigger, I could lie in the shade beneath it.)
  • Spooky Pumpkin Head  + (If this here was made t' scare me, it didn't work so good.)
  • Saloon Chair  + (It ain't a saddle, but a seat's a seat.)
  • Kitchen Table  + (It ain't anything fancy but I'd take this table any day.)
  • Floop  + (It's a floop sign! Whoopie!)
  • Floor  + (It's a floor sign! Whoopie!)
  • Alpaca Growth Rune  + (It's an ancient rune that means personal growth. Darn-tootin' it is!)
  • Cacti Block  + (It's made outta cactus. Better not lean against this.)
  • Neptune Model  + (Legends of a great bandit hiding his ship in the Neptunian clouds persist due to strangely common ship disappearances.)
  • Prism Bed  + (Like starin' into a clear sky after rain.)
  • Hula Girl  + (Look at her, strummin' away on her teeny ukulele.)
  • Triple Lamp Post  + (Lucky number three.)
  • Gothic Bed  + (Makes me feel like I'm in a funeral home, or somethin'.)
  • Kitchen Shelf  + (Makes me wanna cook up somethin' tasty!)
  • Mars Model  + (Mars had a colony of Novakid wanderers. I wonder if they're still out there...)
  • Island Chair  + (Maybe a little rest wouldn't be so bad.)
  • Cabin Bunk Bed  + (Me, well I'd prefer to sleep on the top bunk, closer to the stars.)
  • Mercury Model  + (Mercury is a tiny, varmint of a planet in the Solar System.)
  • Floor Gear  + (Not even a little grease will get this ol' thing movin' again.)
  • Steampunk Armchair  + (Now this is the kind o' chair I could sit in for hours.)
  • Power Generator  + (Plug me in, yeah!)
  • Pluto Model  + (Pluto was considered the ninth planet in the Solar System before having it's status revoked. Now it's just a little varmint.)
  • Cabin Chair  + (Rockin' chairs - Even better than standin' chairs.)
  • Saturn Model  + (Saturn was home to the first Earth-origin space outlaws. They'd conceil themselves in the rings and rob tradeships.)
  • Retro Pod  + (Sleepin' in this bed makes me feel like a science experiment.)
  • Steamspring Chair  + (Some might find the piping on this chair off-puttin', but I kinda like it.)
  • Steampunk Globe  + (Someone really took their time carvin' this piece.)
  • Saloon Door  + (Steppin' through one o' these, you'd best be ready for anything.)
  • Medium Steam Boiler  + (Stick one o' these in a train and we'll have ourselves a lotta fun.)
  • Remote Teleporter  + (Teleporting feels like diving into the ocean from a mountain top.)
  • Sea Lamp  + (That's a pretty lamp right there. If you like that kind of thing.)
  • Protectorate Garden Bushes  + (The big ol' tree is said to be as old as the academy itself.)
  • Steamspring Door  + (The kind o' door I'd think to see at a Sheriff's house.)
  • Brass Lamp Post  + (The light on this lamp post doesn't flicker like an open flame.)
  • Coral Mirror  + (The refelction in this mirror is hazy, like looking through water.)
  • Small Steam Boiler  + (There's a little homemade touch to this ol' boiler.)
  • Swamp Bed  + (There's a mighty fine charm to handmade bedding.)
  • Steampunk Desk  + (There's somethin' kind o' weird about this furniture piece.)
  • Decorative Antlers  + (These antlers are a bit of a brazen display, ain't they?)
  • Seashell Bed  + (This bed sure is fancy lookin'. And it smells like tasty shrimp.)
  • Liftoff Seat  + (This chair gives a new meaning to laying down on the job.)
  • Retro Chair  + (This chair looks comfy, like sitting inside an eggshell.)
  • Gothic Door  + (This door is givin' me the creeps.)
  • Prism Door  + (This door is shinin' like a still pond after a storm.)
  • Steamspring Lamp  + (This here is an odd lookin' lamp if I ever saw one.)
  • Swamp Cot  + (This kind of bed is for livin' the simple life.)
  • Mining Supplies Crate  + (This ol' box is full o' tools for diggin'.)
  • Spooky Clock  + (This ol' timepiece is givin' me the chills.)
  • Derrick Statue  + (This statue is dedicated to a creature named Derrick, who seemingly vanished from his owner.)
  • Large Steam Boiler  + (This thing is a pretty feat of engineerin'.)