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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

Search by property

A list of all pages that have property "Has glitchDescription" with value "Observant. The chair is made from organic alien material.". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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List of results

  • Data:Zenrock3  + (Observant. It's a clean looking stone.)
  • Data:Zenrock4  + (Observant. It's a clean looking stone.)
  • Data:Zenrock5  + (Observant. It's a clean looking stone.)
  • Data:Zenrock1  + (Observant. It's a clean looking stone.)
  • Data:Zenrock2  + (Observant. It's a clean looking stone.)
  • Data:Outdoorstool  + (Observant. It's a metal stool.)
  • Data:Flametrap  + (Observant. It's just a little flame trap, nothing that can't be overcome.)
  • Data:Outdoorbench  + (Observant. It's simply a bench.)
  • Data:Industrialdoor  + (Observant. Judging by how this door was engineered, I would conclude it is built for function over aesthetics.)
  • Data:Mask2  + (Observant. Likely this mask is supposed to be a Floran.)
  • Data:Mask1  + (Observant. Likely this mask is supposed to be a human.)
  • Data:Mask3  + (Observant. Likely this mask is supposed to be an Apex.)
  • Data:Royalbookcase  + (Observant. Many members of royalty are capable of reading and writing.)
  • Data:Giantflowerchest  + (Observant. Opening this chest releases invisible pollen clouds. Long term effects are unknown.)
  • Data:Protectoraterobe  + (Observant. Our current Grand Protector doesn't wear robes like these.)
  • Data:Signdispenser  + (Observant. Printed signs appear here, and signs can be scanned here too.)
  • Data:Wreckdoor  + (Observant. Rust makes this door creek.)
  • Data:Hazardtapeh  + (Observant. Similar markings are used to denote areas in which self-aware Glitch lurk.)
  • Data:Hivetable  + (Observant. Table appears to resemble an insect hive.)
  • Data:Obsidianbookcase  + (Observant. The Avians appear to value their books greatly.)
  • Data:Bunkervent  + (Observant. The air recycling process isn't fully functional.)
  • Data:Manipulatortable  + (Observant. The armours I can make here won't be very strong, but they make up for it with massive energy reserves.)
  • Data:Feathers1  + (Observant. The bird that had these feathers must have been quite large.)
  • Data:Bunkerlighth  + (Observant. The brightness levels are slightly too high for human eyes.)
  • Data:Bunkerlightv  + (Observant. The brightness levels are slightly too high for human eyes.)
  • Data:Alienchair  + (Observant. The chair is made from organic alien material.)
  • Data:Miningskip  + (Observant. The container appears to hold unwanted rubble.)
  • Data:Tribalbookcase2  + (Observant. The crystal appears to have a restorative effect on books placed inside.)
  • Data:Tribalcabinet1  + (Observant. The decoration appears to be the work of more than one person.)
  • Data:Apextv  + (Observant. The device is receiving thousands of different broadcasts, but they all appear to be the same.)
  • Data:Tombthing4  + (Observant. The engraving on this tomb is well practised.)
  • Data:Prisoncabinet1  + (Observant. The faintest trace of iodine can be detected.)
  • Data:Lightstreaks  + (Observant. The light is illuminating the ruins just enough to see.)
  • Data:Salooncabinet  + (Observant. The liquid inside these bottles appears to be juice.)
  • Data:Miningcrusher  + (Observant. The machine exists to crush rocks.)
  • Data:Birdjar1  + (Observant. The material is brittle and easy to break.)
  • Data:Apexpiano  + (Observant. The mathematics behind this machine are relatively simple.)
  • Data:Bunkerconsole2  + (Observant. The more keyboards a console has, the more... nope. Stumped.)
  • Data:Bunkerconsole1  + (Observant. The more levers a console as, the more dangerous it is to fiddle with.)
  • Data:Benjaminstatue  + (Observant. The plaque claims this is dedicated to the grand Benjamin "Meuterion" Deust.)
  • Data:Frontierwindmill  + (Observant. The propeller on this windmill appears to indicate the direction the wind is blowing.)
  • Data:Miningfence  + (Observant. The railing is implemented for safety.)
  • Data:Wartweedseed  + (Observant. The skin of a wartweed is almost as tough as mine)
  • Data:Wildwartweedseed  + (Observant. The skin of a wartweed is almost as tough as mine)
  • Data:Huntingpike2  + (Observant. The skull on this pike appears to be human.)
  • Data:Wingedurn  + (Observant. The wings must have some religious significance.)
  • Data:Dustytable  + (Observant. The wood looks to be sun damaged.)
  • Data:Prisonmirror2  + (Observant. There are at least four hundred and six shards of glass here.)
  • Data:Prisonmirror1  + (Observant. There are at least four hundred and six shards of glass here.)
  • Data:Root7  + (Observant. There are roots protruding from the ceiling.)
  • Data:Root9  + (Observant. There are roots protruding from the ceiling.)