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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

Search by property

A list of all pages that have property "Has hylotlDescription" with value "This stall needs stock". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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List of results

  • Data:Scanner  + (This scanning device can tell when I'm present.)
  • Data:Spaceslideshow  + (This screen displays super high resolution photographs of space.)
  • Data:Miniknogintel1  + (This screen encapsulates cold blue words describing valuable information about the Miniknog.)
  • Data:Cabinlamp  + (This seems like a waste of natural resources.)
  • Data:Apexcoolserver  + (This server would contain enough data to fill a thousand Hylotl libraries.)
  • Data:Apexcoolshelf1  + (This shelf looks lonely.)
  • Data:Salesign  + (This shop appears to be having a sale.)
  • Data:Secretsign3  + (This sigil could signify something.)
  • Data:Secretsign2  + (This sigil could signify something.)
  • Data:Crossroadssign  + (This sign has no writing, perhaps as a result of weathering over time.)
  • Data:Signarmorshop  + (This sign suggests an armour store.)
  • Data:Frogmerchant  + (This silent creature is not one of us.)
  • Data:Greenredlight  + (This simple light holds the power to deny or grant access.)
  • Data:Stationtable  + (This simple metal table looks quite sturdy.)
  • Data:Astroconsole  + (This size of this console display makes reading information very easy.)
  • Data:Deathwarning  + (This skull does not appear to have three eye sockets. Perhaps Hylotl are not at risk to the danger.)
  • Data:Goldvase3  + (This slim golden vase is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.)
  • Data:Foodbowl  + (This small bowl can hold food inside for pets.)
  • Data:Stationconsole  + (This small console has only the buttons it needs, I'm sure it has a clear purpose.)
  • Data:Cabinstooltable  + (This small table looks half-finished. Maybe a coat of paint would help.)
  • Data:Alpacaknowledgerune  + (This small yet intricate design encompasses the unfathomable concept of knowledge itself.)
  • Data:Fancysnowman  + (This snow effigy will one day melt, and return to the water from whence it came. It also has a cute carrot nose.)
  • Data:Snowman  + (This snow effigy will one day melt, and return to the water from whence it came. It also has a cute carrot nose.)
  • Data:Solarpanel  + (This solar panel generates clean energy from the sun. I imagine it wouldn't be so useful underwater.)
  • Data:Frontierwindmill  + (This spinning propeller can inform me which way the wind is blowing.)
 (This stall needs stock)